In loving memory...

Please join us in prayer for the following Sisters as we renew our faith in the resurrected Jesus and strengthen our hope that all the departed will be raised to eternal life. May they rest in peace.

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Sister M. Julien, CSC (Marie Alphonsa Wilke) Read the memories shared at Sister M. Julien's funeral.Sister M. Julien, CSC (Marie Alphonsa Wilke)January 12,[...]
Sister Mary Therese Coursey, CSC
Sister Patricia Mulvaney, CSC
Sister Evelyn Joyce Metro, CSC
Sister Bernice Marie Hollenhorst, CS
Sister M. Perpetua, CSC
Sister Miriam David, CSC
Sister Dorothy Ann Reppen, CSC
M. Geralda (Ethel Agatha Lamping), CSC
Sister Marissa (Mary Martha Loringer), CSC
Sister M. Susanna (collins), CSC
Sister M. Mercia (Scherer), CSC
Sister Catherine O'Brien, CSC
Sister M. Jean Barbara (Korkisch), CSC
Sister M. Jane Frances (Reus), CSC
Sister M. Rose Bernard, CSC
Sister Mary Jeanne Finske, CSC
Sister Alice Lamping, CSC
Sister Constance Mary Ackerson, CSC
Sister Nancy Ganse, CSC
Sister Mary Marjorie Packer, CSC
Sister Geraldine Liquore, CSC
Sister M. Margaret André, CSC
Sister Stella Maris Kunihira, CSC
Sister Patricia Burke, CSC
Sister M. Stella (Haske), CSC