In loving memory...

Please join us in prayer for the following Sisters as we renew our faith in the resurrected Jesus and strengthen our hope that all the departed will be raised to eternal life. May they rest in peace.

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Sister M. Carmen (Davy), CSC, 1923-2021
Sister Joanne Becker, CSC, 1942–2021
Sister Loretta Marie (Valdes), CSC, 1931—2021
Sister M. Carolita (Hart), CSC 1930–2021
Sister Marie Julie, CSC, 1917–2021
Sister Michael Marie, CSC, 1924–2021
Sister M. Cyril (Dubala), CSC 1926-2021
Sister Dorothy Marie (Langlois), CSC 1932-2021
Sister Mary Clennon 1936-2021
Sister Patricia Ann Thompson, CSC 1925 –2021
Sister Nora Gurnett, CSC 1937–2021
Sister Maureen Rooney, CSC 1939–2021
​Sister Mary De Nardis, CSC 1930–2021
Sister Ann Therese McAndrew, CSC 1925–2020
Sister M. Barbara Jeanne (Fehr), CSC, 1924-2020
Sister Miriam P. Cooney, CSC 1925-2020
Sister M. Alberta (Zimmer), CSC 1927–2020
Sister Florence Mary (May), CSC 1938–2020
​Sister Clarence Marie, CSC 1927-2020
Sister María Luisa Güereña, CSC 1928–2020
Sister Rose Marie Canty, CSC 1925-2020
Sister Joan Allem, CSC 1929-2020
Sister Patricia Mary Crane, CSC 1946-2020
Sister Lucy Lalsangzuali, CSC 1974-2020
Sister Marilla (Mary Marie Dyer), CSC 1920-2020
Sister M. St. Brigid (Bromeling), CSC 1916–2020
Sister M. Jacinta (Millan), CSC 1929-2020
Sister Mary Ellen McGlynn, CSC 1937-2020
Sister M. Martin de Porres (Ostafinski), CSC 1925-2020
Sister Mary Edith (Daley), CSC 1915-2020
Sister M. Lourdes (Kelly), CSC 1910-2019
Sister Estelle Marie (Farrell), CSC 1918-2020
Sister Anne Veronica Horner Hoe, CSC 1949-2019
Sister Maura Brannick, CSC 1923-2029
Sister Mrinalini Goretti Rema, CSC 1966-2019
Sister Grace Watson, CSC 1932-2019
Sister Julia Marie (Jacomet), CSC 1930-2019
Sister Ann Keating, CSC 1925-2019
Sister Irene Marie (Mercier), CSC 1929-2019
Sister ​M. Joseph (Sullivan), CSC 1924-2019
Sister M. Rose Virginia (Burt), CSC 1925-2019
Sister M. Gertrude Anne (Otis), CSC 1922-2019
Sister Anna Mae Golden, CSC 1930-2019
Sister M. Mildred Louise (Keegan), CSC 1919-2019
Sister ​M. Agatha Ann (Farrell), CSC 1923-2019
Sister Mary Burns, CSC 1926-2019
Sister Dorothy Kebba, CSC
Sister ​Colette Marie, CSC
Sister Catherine Lash, CSC
Sister M. Julien (Wilke), CSC
Sister Mary Therese Coursey, CSC
Sister Patricia Mulvaney, CSC
Sister Evelyn Joyce Metro, CSC
Sister Bernice Marie Hollenhorst, CSC
Sister M. Perpetua, CSC
Sister Miriam David, CSC
Sister Dorothy Ann Reppen, CSC
M. Geralda (Lamping), CSC
Sister Marissa (Loringer), CSC
Sister M. Susanna (Collins), CSC 1921-2017
Sister Stella Maris Kunihira, CSC
Sister M. Mercia (Scherer), CSC
Sister Catherine O'Brien, CSC
Sister M. Jean Barbara (Korkisch), CSC
Sister M. Jane Frances (Reus), CSC
Sister M. Rose Bernard, CSC 1926-2017
Sister Mary Jeanne Finske, CSC 1925-2017
Sister Alice Lamping, CSC
Sister Constance Mary Ackerson, CSC
Sister Nancy Ganse, CSC
Sister Mary Marjorie Packer, CSC
Sister Geraldine Liquore, CSC
Sister M. Margaret André, CSC
Sister Patricia Burke, CSC
Sister M. Stella (Haske), CSC