• Sisters of the Holy Cross, Lenten Reflection 2020
    “O my people! I will put my Spirit in you that you may live…”
    Ezekiel 37:13-14
  • We, Sisters of the Holy Cross throughout the world, are called to participate in the prophetic mission of Jesus to witness God’s love for all creation.
    Compassion moves us to reflect on the signs of the times, discern needs, and respond. We stand in solidarity with the poor and the powerless.
    Our life together enriches and strengthens us to foster community wherever we are.
    Sisters of the Holy Cross
  • “I believe education is the way to find
    a culture of violence to a culture of peace.”
    — Sister Patricia Rodríguez Leal
    that freedom and transformation from
  • Our celebration has a unique power to express, nourish and challenge
    our understanding of our Christian identity and mission
  • inSpirit 2019 Fall-Winter edition
    Fall/Winter 2019
  • If we wish to follow
    Christ closely, we cannot
    It will be a demanding life,
    but full of joy.
    choose an easy, quiet life.