Meet the Sisters of the Holy Cross

We are a Roman Catholic congregation of women religious, part of the international Holy Cross family of sisters, brothers and priests.

Sisters of the Holy Cross joyfully participate in Jesus’ mission by proclaiming God’s transforming love for all creation. Compassion moves us to reflect on the signs of the times, discern the needs of God’s people and our world, and respond as we are able.

We live and minister in eight countries on four continents, serving peoples of many cultures in large hospitals and small clinics; in elementary and secondary schools and universities; in churches and parishes; and in the streets of the inner city and remote rural areas.

Learn more about our ministries, our justice priorities to assist and empower people around the globe or our General Leadership Team.

Mission Statement

We, Sisters of the Holy Cross throughout the world, are called to participate in the prophetic mission of Jesus to witness God’s love for all creation.

Compassion moves us to reflect on the signs of the times, discern needs, and respond. We stand in solidarity with the poor and the powerless.

Our life together enriches and strengthens us to foster community wherever we are.

Core Values

Compassion compels us to stand with and embrace others in their suffering, that together we may experience God’s liberating and healing presence.

Faith impels us to trust God ever more radically and to risk responding as disciples of Jesus.

Prayer, personal and communal, grounds us in God’s unconditional love, calls us to integrity in discernment, and animates us in our work of building a society of justice and love.

Community commits us to seek ways to journey together which energize and sustain us to live our mission in solidarity with one another.