Who are Holy Cross Associates?

Judy Plummer and Margaret Mary Weber, CSC
Associates gather during Area of North American Area Assembly

Holy Cross Associates are called by God to live the Gospel message in a mutually supportive relationship with the Sisters of the Holy Cross and one another. These women and men share the Core Values of the Sisters of the Holy Cross: faith, prayer, compassion and community. They participate in the mission of Jesus by living these values in their lives.

Associates are women and men of diverse faith traditions. They continue in their own way of life, deepening their faith through the lens of Holy Cross spirituality.

What Holy Cross Associates do

Associates respond to the evolving needs of people around us, undertaking efforts for education, health care, women’s development, justice stands related to the poor, the imprisoned and the environment, and other ministries. Associates use their gifts and talents in response to Jesus’ love and mission.

It was the vision of Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, the founder of the congregations of Holy Cross, that priests, brothers, sisters and lay associates go wherever there is need, giving testimony to Gospel living by their lives and ministry.

As a Holy Cross Associate, you will deepen your relationship with God; grow in compassion; be remembered in prayer; share faith; and receive prayerful support in your ministry efforts.

Become a Holy Cross Associate

We invite you to become a Holy Cross Associate and be a part of our international Holy Cross family that values the richness of its members’ diverse cultures while living one common mission. As you reflect on your life’s calling, take some time to look around and consider these questions:

What unmet or evolving needs do you see in today’s world?

What skills and gifts do you think are needed to respond?

Do you believe you have some of these skills and gifts?

If you think becoming a Holy Cross Associate aligns with your life’s calling, or if you would like to know more, please complete the inquiry form.

Learn more about the mission of the Sisters of the Holy Cross and the direction to which Holy Cross Associates are committing themselves today.

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Únete a nosotros para ofrecer la siguiente oración diaria para nuestra familia de la Santa Cruz:

Oración de la Santa Cruz

Te pedimos, o Señor, que mantengas bajo tu amoroso cuidado
a la familia de la Santa Cruz: hermanas, hermanos, sacerdotes,
colaboradores y a todos los que trabajan
por la venida de tu reino de justicia y de paz.

Concédenos un cuerpo sano, paz del alma y los dones que Tú sabes que necesitamos.
Que nunca nos cansemos de hacer el bien
y cuando Tú nos llames a descansar de nuestros labores,
seas Tú nuestra recompensa por toda la eternidad.

Te lo pedimos en el nombre de Jesucristo, que vive y reina por los siglos de los siglos. Amén.

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Associates Leadership Team meets for a small group discussion

We would love to meet you

Come and experience a deeper realization of God’s love for each one of us.  For more information about Holy Cross Associate communities in the United States, please complete the inquiry form.

Ventura, California

Sister Miriam Joanne (Frankenfield), CSC, Sister Mary Louise Deroin, CSC,  and Roberta Medrano

Boise, Idaho

Sister Madeleine Marie (Clayton), CSC, Kathy Higgins and Pat Taylor

Anderson, Indiana

Sister Sarah Marie Schmitt, CSC, and Patti Layton

South Bend, Indiana

Tifanni Dash

London, Kentucky

Sister Marjorie Ann Manning, CSC, and Carolyn Orr

Maryland/ Virginia/
Washington D.C.

Sister Paula Goettelmann, CSC, and Christina and Dan Bowen

Austin, Texas

Sister M. Adelaide (Cannon), CSC, and Laura Hybner

Salt Lake City, Utah

Sister Verónica A. Fajardo, CSC, Mary Beth Vogel-Ferguson, Kandie Brinkman and Jakie Capella