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The Sisters of the Holy Cross share the stories of our ministries in our publications, inSpirit magazine and our Annual Giving Report. The vibrancy of our international mission and ministries are directly affected by your generosity and commitment, and we thank you.

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Sister Catherine Magoba, CSC, tends cornfields with I-Thirst members. A sister never knows what she may find when she embarks upon a new ministry. In 2018, when Sister Nancy Rose Njeri Njoroge, CSC, arrived in Jinja, Uganda, her assignment was to create faith programs for children who lived near Holy

I-Thirst Quenches Physical and Social Needs in Uganda

Suggestions for Dealing with Stress from Sister Joy  Each year, the American Music Association awards Grammys for the best in music across several genres and categories. This year, it struck me as significant that the winning song in the American Roots category was “CRY” by Jon Batiste. A repetitive lyric

Awaken to the Power of Thought

Share Your Cancelled Stamps or Purchase from our Collection to Contribute to Our Ministries If the postage stamp on your envelope could talk, it would have many stories to tell — from the moment it was selected by the U.S. Postal Service as one of 35 designs for the year (out of 30,000

Sisters of the Holy Cross Create Big Dividends from Little Stamps

Connections Multiply Through Expansion of Ministry With the Poor Fund In the Gospels, Jesus commands us to care for everyone, but especially the individual who is vulnerable or marginalized. Commonly tied to this call, the Sisters of the Holy Cross—from generation to generation—have directed special care to people subsisting on the

Boundless Together

Donations Ripple Across Communities and Countries Whether it’s a handful of change from a piggy bank or a significant return on investments, donations to the Sisters of the Holy Cross better the lives of people in need across the globe. Every donation creates a ripple effect that adds a bit of

Anonymous Couple Share Blessings with Donation to Sisters of the Holy Cross

For Sister Michael Mary (Nolan), CSC, the spirituality of traditional peoples rests on a more humane and respectful relationship with Mother Earth. Yet their way of life, even their very existence, is under extreme threat in Brazil.“For traditional peoples, indigenous peoples, the relationship with the land is spiritual, not commercial,”

Violence Grows Against Indigenous Peoples, Caretakers of the Earth

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