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What Is Your Passion?

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Sister Comfort studies public health in Ghana

Sister Comfort talks to a group of women as part of her public health training.
Sister Comfort Arthur (standing) provided health information to a community group as part of her training in public health at Catholic University College of Ghana.

When one has a passion for something, the person can do it with all his or her heart and mind no matter the costs. I’m currently studying at Catholic University College of Ghana as a public health student. I am grateful to my sisters for giving me the opportunity to further my education and to improve my skills to better serve God’s children.

The practical aspect of my studies as a public health student remind me of what I used to do at my ministry places when I was a novice. Four years ago, when I was in the International Novitiate program developing a deeper relationship with God and God’s creation, I had the wonderful experience of being exposed to many things and making informed choices. I had the chance to explore my passion in healthcare as service to humanity.

Participating in the International Novitiate as a novice from another culture (Ghana) prepared me for holistic living; relating with my God, my encounter with people each day wherever I find myself and my relationship with other environments around me. I used to make sandwich as a lunch when going to my ministry places during novitiate. Little did I know that someday in Ghana this easy snack or lunch would be something we used help feed people in need during our Reaching Out program as Rotaractors from the Rotary Club International, putting smiles on their faces like Jesus who fed the multitude by giving them food and bringing them God.

I have been in school for two years—soon going to the third year.  Combing academic, prayer and community life has been both challenging and a blessing. Experiencing the joy of this health profession passion is fantastic. Bringing holistic healing to the people of God is responding to the needs of the times.

After a day’s work is done, I feel enthused for the next because of the joy of seeing my clients again the next day. To wake up from bed the next day after prayers and liturgy, my heart leaps for joy because it is a new day to go and put smiles on the faces of the people specially at the hospital.

Every little deed done with passion and love changes the world of people. Sometimes when I am in town or walking from the hospital after work, someone meets me with smile and says, “Thank you, Sister for your care for me at the hospital.” Sometimes people I do not remember meeting at the hospital will walk up to me with a hug and say, “Thank you and God bless you Sister for helping my mother or my child at the hospital.”

When I come home to meet my sisters in our community, they welcome me and ask how my day was at hospital. Sometimes after a difficult day when I feel sad and wish something more could have been done for a client, the concern and support of my community members gives me new energy. I’m grateful for their encouragement.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity granted by the congregation to improve my skills and knowledge at the school in building the kingdom of God on earth.

— Sister Comfort Arthur