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What does God have in store for you?

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Sister Jacinta Katusabe teaches a class at Moreau Primary School in Kirinda, Uganda.
Sister Jacinta Katusabe, CSC, serves as headmistress of Moreau Primary School in Kirinda.

Find God’s voice in all that you do each day. There will be tough moments but “do not let your hearts be troubled” (John 14:1). Only by listening to that inner voice do we come to learn what God has in store for us.

I was in primary school when I first heard God’s call and realized I wanted to serve God in a special way. Further involvement in my church strengthened this desire. The religious who served in the area of Uganda where I grew up played a role in my pursuit of a religious vocation. Their hospitality enabled me to see how they served God. They were together with God in all they were doing.

I wanted to be with God in this way. I went to my father and asked if there were women who lived like the religious men I had witnessed. He said yes and he promised to get answers to my questions. He introduced me to the Holy Cross Congregation (priests and brothers) in East Africa, who helped me in my journey of discerning my call to religious life. Through them I came to know the Sisters of the Holy Cross. I felt the love and the openness of their shared lives. I enjoyed the spirit of being part of the Holy Cross family — sisters, brothers and priests.

Trust in God. Listen. God will always provide what you need.

Sister Jacinta is headmistress of Moreau Primary School in Kirinda, Uganda, which offers coeducation to more than 300 students from nursery through the sixth grade.

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