“A small piece of bread given with love is enough to feed hundreds.”
— African Proverb

Your generous gifts support our ministries

The Sisters of the Holy Cross hold a common commitment to build communities of justice and love, to eradicate material poverty and to end gender discrimination. We can not do this work alone. Your help will support us with our efforts to empower people to live justly and in peace, that all may know the embrace of God’s love through our ministries.

How you can help

Your loving support reaches out to a multitude of underserved women, children and families in Africa, Asia and North and South America; enables good stewardship of our schools, health care centers, discerner homes and convents, as well as our ministries around the world; provides for the daily needs of our retired sisters; and inspires women discerning a call to religious life. Please consider one of the many ways to give by making a one-time donation online or by mail or setup a recurring gift, online or by mail

We are grateful for your financial and prayerful support

Thank you for sharing your resources with us and with those to whom we minister. The Sisters of the Holy Cross remember each of our donors in our daily prayer. 

Support Us

Sisters of the Holy Cross provides a variety of options for you. Read more about each option below.

If you would like more information, contact Sister M. Rose Edward (Goodrow), CSC, director of Development, at 574-284-5641 or development@cscsisters.org.

If you prefer to make your donation by mail, please send your gift to: 

Development Office
Sisters of the Holy Cross
407 Bertrand Hall – Saint Mary’s
Notre Dame, IN 46556-5000

The Sisters of the Holy Cross, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible. 

Ways to Give

Sister teaches you boys at Holy Cross School in Barakathal, India.

Ministry With the Poor Fund

Become a co-minister with the Sisters of the Holy Cross as we reach out to be in solidarity with the poor, the powerless and the marginalized in society, especially women and children. Ministry With the Poor Fund projects involve Holy Cross sisters working in direct service with individuals through parishes and social service organizations or in Congregation ministries. This fund provides annual grants for individual sisters to use in projects they are involved in personally. Grants are awarded on the basis of need and on the funds available. Donations are the primary source of funding for Ministry With the Poor Fund projects around the world. 

The first school bus is officially branded with the school’s name and seal.
Thank you to our donors!

Many children will no longer have to walk two hours to school—a route that takes them on dangerous roads (no sidewalks) clogged with traffic. Made possible only through the generosity of our donors, the three new buses are generating much excitement at Moreau Nursery and Primary School in Kirinda, Uganda. Read more...

Remembrance Gift card program

Celebrate important moments and support our ministries. You can order personalized Remembrance Gift cards from the Sisters of the Holy Cross. Click on one of the occasions in the list to view the card and message. 

Your donation will benefit the Ministry With the Poor Fund. Your card will be sent to your recipient telling of your gift and the promise of prayer from our sisters. You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

All cards may be designated in honor or in memory of a friend or loved one. 

Order a Remembrance Gift card by mail or online.

2020 Christmas Card

Memorial Card — Our Lady

Memorial Card — Sacred Heart

Memorial Card — Calla Lily


Celebration Card

Honor Card

Get Well

2020 Birthday

2020 Jubilee

2020 Mother’s Day

2020 Father’s Day

Flowers in full bloom line the stone path to the Book of Remembrance, Saint Mary's, Notre Dame, Indiana

Moreau Garden Book of Remembrance

You can support us when you have your name, or the name of a loved one, engraved in the Moreau Garden Book of Remembrance located in a beautiful, sacred space, adjacent to the Church of Our Lady of Loretto on the campus of Saint Mary’s. Everyone named in the book is remembered daily in the prayers of our sisters. For each name listed we ask for a minimum donation of $200 which will be used for sisters’ retirement needs and our Ministry With the Poor fund. The names of donors are updated at least annually.

Holy Cross Legacy Club

Since 1996 the Holy Cross Legacy Club recognizes individuals who, through planned gifts, (a gift that will be distributed sometime in the future), name the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Inc., as their primary or contingent beneficiary. Members of the Holy Cross Legacy Club are ordinary people from all walks of life with different income levels, professions and passion, whose extraordinary generosity will make a positive difference in the future of the Congregation. If you have made plans for any kind of deferred gift, please let us know. We celebrate intentions; we know plans can change. With your permission, you will be acknowledged in our inSpirit magazine and listed in the Legacy Hall at Saint Mary’s. To learn more about this program, please contact Sister M. Rose Edward (Goodrow), CSC, at the Development Office by calling 574-284-5641 email development@cscsisters.org.

Donating stock or securities

Donating appreciated stocks that have been held for more than one year can be a wise philanthropic decision. This gift enables you to make a significant gift to the Sisters of the Holy Cross, receive a charitable donation deduction on your income taxes, and bypass capital gains taxes.

Don’t let your donation of stock go awry! New procedures required by our investment account provider, Bank of America (BOA), mean that more lead time is needed for donations of appreciated stock. It also means that your donation may be rejected by BOA if a new form is not received first. Here are the new steps:

  1. Call or email the Development Office (574-284-5641; development@cscsisters.org) and we will email you the BOA stock transfer authorization form.
  2. Fill out the highlighted fields on the form: (name of stock, number of shares, account number, DTC number, etc.).
  3. Email the form to the Development Office and our Finance Office will submit it to BOA. You will be notified when BOA is ready to accept the stock.
  4. Notify your broker that the stock transfer may be made.
  5. When the transfer is complete, the Development Office will send you a receipt for your tax records.

Please note: This process can now take 2-3 weeks or more to complete, especially at the end of the year. The IRS considers the gift date for tax purposes to be the date of irrevocable transfer, not the date you started the process or gave instructions to your broker.

Stamp program

By saving canceled stamps from your mail, you will support us through your contribution to the Sisters of the Holy Cross Ministry With the Poor Fund. Our sisters remove the stamps from the envelope, sort them and sell them to brokers and collectors. The proceeds benefit our ministries, helping those in need around the world. Invite others to save stamps, too!

Save stamps that have their perforations intact, are not too heavily canceled, and are not torn, cut or stained. Leave at least 1/4 inch on each side of the stamp when cutting it from the envelope.

Stamp wish list
  • Stamps in mint (uncanceled) or fine/very fine condition
  • Foreign stamps
  • U.S. Commemoratives
  • Stamps with postage values of $1 or more, such as Washington and Jackson, Redwood Forest Priority Mail, Bixby Creek Bridge Express Mail, etc.
  • Albums
Where to send:

Stamp Ministry
100 Augusta Hall – Saint Mary’s
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

Stamp collectors: 
Call to purchase mixed packets of foreign and U.S. stamps.

Charitable IRA distributions

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 allows you to make distributions directly from your IRA to one or more charities without the distributions being included in taxable income and subject to withholding. You must be 70½ or older at the time of the distribution.

Previously, withdrawals from IRAs for charitable gifts were taxable to the withdrawing donor. You are now able to make a tax-free gift by instructing the trustee of your IRA to transfer the withdrawal directly to the charity. Another benefit is that the funds transferred from your IRA to a charity count towards your mandatory withdrawal.

Making a charitable distribution from an IRA rather than from other assets is especially appropriate if you:

  • Do not itemize deductions;
  • Are already at the deduction limit for the year;
  • May lose some of your itemized deductions because of your income level, or
  • Are required to take distributions, but do not need them for living expenses.

Want more information? Please read more here.

This document is for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal, tax or financial advice. Please consult your tax or legal advisor for more information. Information provided courtesy of PG Calc.

Timing, taxes and end-of-year gifts

Timing of a gift — when it is given, received and considered for tax purposes — is critical and varies depending upon what is being given and how. This is most important during the busy end-of-year giving season. According to the IRS, a gift is made on the date it is unconditionally delivered:

Checks: on the date it is postmarked (not the date of the check).

Credit Cards: on the date that it is processed (not the date it is postmarked)

Tip: If mailing a credit card donation in December, please mail early in the month. We process them on the date we receive them, but mail delivery can be very slow, especially toward the end of December. To protect your yearly tax deduction it may be wiser to make the donation online or by telephone 574-284-5641.

  • Hand-delivered: on the date that the endorsed paper certificate is hand-delivered to a qualified organization or its agent.
  • Mailed through regular mail: the date it is postmarked. (For security reasons, this should be a two-step process: 1) mail the unendorsed certificate and a cover letter in one envelope 2) mail a signed, signature guaranteed stock power in a separate envelope. Send both via Registered Mail.)
  • Transferred electronically by your broker: the date the stock transfer is credited to our brokerage account (not the date you gave the instructions to the broker).

Tip: Please let us know in advance if you are planning to support us with a donation of stock, especially if you are transferring it electronically, so that we can help make the transfer go smoothly. We’ll be able to provide the up-to-date routing numbers and alert our broker.

For more information:
  • Please consult your personal financial or legal advisor.
  • IRS Publication 526: Charitable Contributions
  • IRS Publication 561: Determining the Value of Donated Property

Please note: This information is for reference only and does not constitute legal or financial advice. Be sure to work with your attorney and tax advisor when making planned gifts.

Have a question about the different ways to give? Want more information?
Please call 574-284-5641 or email development@cscsisters.org.