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Trip to Brazil expands sister’s outlook

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by Sister Daisy Kabuleeta, CSC

Sisters Daisy and Vanessa pose with students in Brazil
Sister Daisy Kabuleeta, CSC, back row, third from left, spent time with students at Saint Martha’s Social Service Center in São Paulo, Brazil, during a recent trip to the country. Front row, second from right, is Sister Vanessa Cruz Ferreira, CSC.

I count myself lucky to have had the wonderful opportunity to visit with our sisters and learn about their ministries in Brazil this past October. I had long dreamed of visiting Brazil but never thought it could actually happen! Thank you, Holy Cross Sisters Esther Adjoa Entsiwah, CSC, and Michael Mary (Nolan), CSC!

Visiting the different ministries was very exciting. I had the privilege of sharing my African culture with the students of Colégio Santa Maria in São Paulo. I was truly touched by the well-behaved students there and at Saint Martha’s Social Service Center, also in São Paulo. Even though I did not speak the students’ language, we all spoke the language of love. It is intense when you arrive somewhere and can not speak the language, but it is also an opportunity because the people you are visiting are the ones to teach you. The commendable work of each sister in Brazil will help enable the country’s people—especially women and children—to create lasting change in themselves, their families and their communities.

I felt a strong desire to understand the realities of Brazil, and I learned much during my stay. The experience emphasized for me how we must look ahead and focus not only on the issues and ministries of our own countries but of our entire global community.