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Thanksgiving for A Place for Women to Gather

By Sisters Mary Margaret Weber, CSC, and Judith Hallock, CSC

A farewell celebration was held October 6, 2019, at A Place for Women to Gather in Raleigh, North Carolina, to honor this ministry of 20 years and to thank the Sisters of the Holy Crossthrough the presence of Sisters Patricia Cornell, Mary Margaret Weber and Judith Hallock—for providing resources in spirituality for women of all faith traditions and inviting them to explore their relationship with God as women made in Her image.

The Consulting Circle, a group of women who had supported this ministry and met regularly to provide advice and encouragement, invited the approximately 60 women in attendance to write a message to Sisters Judy and Mary Margaret. These messages were then rolled up, tied with a ribbon and placed in a beautifully decorated box so they could be read and re-read by the sisters as they move on to the next stage of their lives.                                          

There is no better way to share the impact of this ministry than to quote a few of these messages:

Can’t help but think about Patricia’s voice talking about “a vision” of a center for women in the early a.m. light at the kitchen table in the town house. How graced we have all been for the amazing place it has become!

I have a fond memory of my first visit to “a place.”  I attended a program on Sue Monk Kidd’s book, The Secret Life of Bees. I learned about the Black Madonna and knew I would be returning. I knew I had found “my Place.”

Boundless thanks for the grace and blessings your ministry brought to Raleigh. The Place has been a sacred container in which to experience deep friendship, mutual encouragement—and gentle re-direction—and loving support.

Dear Sisters, Gratitude transcends words! Finding my way, claiming myself and learning compassion (including self!) has been a wonderful gift. Thank you for helping me come back to life.

You have given a helping hand to so many women. Taught the truth of the feminine divine, of caring for ourselves, self-compassion, how to engage with others in a respectful way, and more!  There is no way to thank you, except by living the truths you have imparted, remembering always your humor and grace.

You have taken up the huge work of awakening wisdom for/of the women of this place and time as no others have or could have! With your “Place for Women to Gather” you have given us all a way of indwelling within the Spirit of God that will keep us gathered and growing onward. You leave a deep “heart print” here that we will never forget.