The Congregation Justice Committee and the Holy Cross International Justice Office invite you act on these issues.

Protecting creation, promoting renewable energies

The Carbon Footprint Reduction Fund supports carbon-reducing projects and promotes the use of renewable energies in sisters’ local communities and Congregation-sponsored ministries, including schools and health centers. With your support, the Congregation can fund many more innovative carbon-reducing projects in the coming year. Please join us in our commitment to care for creation with a donation.

Standing in solidarity with migrants and refugees

Today, unprecedented numbers of people are displaced around the globe, a circumstance that leaves many individuals vulnerable to acts of aggression, manipulation and violence—including human trafficking. Pope Francis urges all Christians to view global migration as an opportunity to build peace. Calling on each of us to embrace all those forced to flee their homelands for social, economic, cultural or environmental reasons, he challenges individuals, governments and institutions to welcome, protect, promote and integrate all who come to our countries in search of peace. Responding to this call, the Sisters of the Holy Cross have affirmed a Corporate Stand on Migration, October 2019, in solidarity with migrants forced to flee from their homes for any reason.

Resources for crafting op-ed articles

An op-ed article can be an effective tool for advocacy on today’s critical justice issues. Given the scope and magnitude of our global issues, and the challenges of national and international policy, crafting public statements and opinion pieces is one way to promote awareness and affect change on issues about which you care. The Leadership Council of Women Religious (LCWR) recommends the resources below for assistance in crafting such letters.

Communications Consortium Media Center: Information about how to place an op-ed or letter to the editor in the top 100+ newspapers in the United States.

Helpful hints for writing a letter to the editor are available from:
Advice on writing an op-ed article is available from: