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Standing in Solidarity Against Gun Violence

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Sister Mary Ann Pajakowski protesting against gun violence, wear orange treatment.

At the March for Our Lives protest, Sister Mary Ann Pajakowski, CSC, called on lawmakers to “Do your job, protect children from gun violence, (signed) Sisters of the Holy Cross.”

On National Gun Violence Awareness Day, June 7, we as Holy Cross sisters choose to wear orange to voice our opposition to all actions and policies that legitimate violence of any kind. We gather in prayer and in solidarity against gun violence to honor its victims and life in all its diversity.

Prominent in the mission statement of the Sisters of the Holy Cross is a commitment to follow daily the nonviolent way of Jesus and to work to implement a culture of justice and peace. Rooted in our core values, compassion compels us to stand with and embrace others in their suffering so that together we may experience God’s liberating and healing presence.

Whether you have personally been a victim of gun violence, witnessed gun violence against another, or have had a friend or family member killed by gun violence, the resulting trauma is wide and lasting.

Join us in advocating for victims of gun violence.

Visit Wear Orange website for more resources.

For current and past statistics on gun violence in America, visit the Gun Violence Archive.

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Current statistics tell us that gun violence is the leading cause of death among children and teens in our society today. Every day in America, in both urban and rural settings, more than one hundred people are shot and killed, many of them children living in poverty.

Reflecting on these facts can indeed challenge our sense of hope and leave us feeling powerless. At the same time, it can also embolden our hope and resolve. For me, hope is when even though everything makes me want to give up, a voice echoes in my ear, “Keep trying.”

Recognizing gun violence as a preventable public health problem, we act to educate for gun safety and demand that our politicians formulate sensible gun laws. We pledge ourselves to nonviolent actions in our relationships and communities.

For those of you suffering from the trauma of gun violence, know that we are with you. For those of you who want to act but don’t know what to do—reach out to your communities and find people of hope to join you. Educate yourselves and others about gun safety. Write to your congress people and demand sensible gun laws. Commit yourself to nonviolent behaviors in all your relationships. Make a statement that calls our society to end the gun violence that plagues our society.

Sister Joy O’Grady, CSC