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Sisters at Motherhouse Receive New Bus

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Sisters received this new bus as gift

The sisters at the motherhouse are excited to receive a new bus to enjoy local outings together. In the coming months and years, they will be experiencing many moments of joy and community with one another. And that’s all thanks to our kind donors. 

Sister M. Rose Edward (Goodrow), CSC, blesses new bus

Development Director Sister M. Rose Edward (Goodrow), CSC, blessed the bus and gave thanks for the many donors who made the sisters' wish a reality.

In the spring of 2023, we asked for help in purchasing a bus to transport sisters to places and activities around the area. We were hoping to reach the purchase price of $150,000, but you surprised us with over $190,000 in donations. That extra amount will now be used for the many excursions the sisters are planning as well as maintenance for the bus. Their delight is palpable when they see the 12-passenger— including two wheelchair-accessible spaces — Ford E350 on campus.

A Thank You as Big as a Bus

Beyond the activities, however, is a deeper gift brought about by your generosity. After sisters at the motherhouse received this new bus their worlds significantly opened up. Traveling to different sites and events, they will now have many opportunities to interact with people in the community and across the region. And they are excited about this.

So, what are the activities the sisters are planning? A visit to the local zoo is high on the list of “wants,” as well as outings to see autumn colors and Christmas lights. Sisters also have asked to go on trips to the mall and to the Congregation’s lake house. These are opportunities the sisters as a group would not otherwise have, and they look forward to venturing out and connecting to God’s creation.

Sister M. Luella (Van Dorn), CSC, explored their new transportation.

Sister M. Luella (Van Dorn), CSC, explored their new transportation.

Sister M. Carlita (Hammes) tries out the new bus.

Sister M. Carlita (Hammes) tries out the new bus.

Blessings for This Gift

We send gratitude to all our donors and pray that God’s abundant blessings be on those who support our ministries, our operations and our sisters.

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