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Sister shares faith with diverse audience

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?” Luke 24:5

Sister Violet Rodrigues gives presentation about her faith in Bangladesh
Sister Violet Rodrigues shared about her faith during a presentation to members of the Inter-Religious Dialogue Center, Khulna, Bangladesh.

Sister Violet Rodrigues presented on the “Resurrection of Jesus and Reunion” and shared about her faith during a gathering on April 13 at Saint Joseph School, Khulna, Bangladesh. She was invited by Father Pietanza Domenico Mimmo, SX, of the Diocese of Khulna, to be the main speaker at the event, where she shared her perspective with members of the Inter-Religious Dialogue Center, Khulna.

Mohammed Abdullah Imran from Khulna Nesaria Kamil Madrasah, and Sree Ponkoj Kumar Dutto, were special guests for the program, which drew 200 Islamic, Hindu and Christian attendees.

Sister Violet opened her comments with the scripture passage Luke 24:1-7. She emphasized how we relate to the resurrected Jesus— who promised to be with us always— in our daily lives. She stressed that there is an energy, a strength, in our very breath which proves that we are all of the Creator—the powerful sustainer, healer, life-giver.

Jesus came to this world, she added, to introduce us to his father and his father’s love. The relationship Jesus had with the father and the love between father and son, she added, reveal to all humanity that by becoming closer to the father, we all can receive that same love which Jesus came to proclaim.

While dying on the cross, Jesus forgave all sinners, saying “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). In this act, Sister Violet said, Jesus shared the right to know his ‘Abba Father’ with all humanity. She continued her remarks by saying that through Jesus’ resurrection, death is glorified as an opening to a new life. In the same way, the suffering, crises and agony of life can be opportunities to strengthen our faith and draw closer to Jesus.

—Submitted by Sister Violet Rodrigues, CSC