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Health Center provides preventive medicine to remote areas in Bangladesh

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Sister provides preventative medicine to mother and child in Bangladesh.
Sister Renu Teresa Rozario, CSC, attends to patients at the Holy Cross Health Education Center in Kulaura, Bangladesh. The center provides preventative medicine to 6,500 people annually.  (photo taken pre-pandemic)

Sister Renu experienced “Jesus’ joyful and sorrowful face”

Sister Renu Teresa Rozario, CSC, learned about serving people in need from her mother.

“She took care of the sick with her loving hand, not only family members, but people in the neighborhood,” says Sister Renu. In time, Sister Renu developed “a deep trust that one day, I will be a nurse.” This dream came true in 2012 when she received her degree. “My dream is fruitful through the Congregation,” she adds. 

Before being named director of the Holy Cross Health Education Center in Kulaura, Bangladesh, Sister Renu cared for Holy Cross sisters who were ill. She remembers gaining “zealous energy” and experiencing “Jesus’ joyful and sorrowful face” through those she served.  

Health center provides preventive medicine

The Holy Cross Health Education Center opened in 1989 and today serves 6,500 people annually on-site and via visits to distant and isolated villages. Preventive medicine is a main goal of the center, as is education about sanitation, diet and health care.  

Sister Renu’s hopes and dreams include hiring more qualified medical doctors, a gynecologist and a therapist, as well as opening a maternity and delivery department, developing a therapy center for disabled persons or specially challenged children, and building a mini-hospital. 

Health center COVID-19 challenges

These days, however, COVID-19 is a huge challenge. The center does not have qualified doctors or nurses, surgical masks and gloves, or oxygen. It also lacks the capacity to take on patients and to train others to care for those with the virus. 

“COVID-19 was unexpected and created severe fear, doubt and wonder,” Sister Renu says. “Our health education center organized awareness seminars. After these seminars, people became cautious to protect themselves and others.” 

Sister Renu wants to continue providing the awareness seminars, giving food and vegetables to those who have none, and supplying people with masks, soap and vitamins.

The Holy Cross Health Education Center is a recipient of the Ministry With the Poor Fund, and donors have greatly assisted in the center’s tremendous growth over the years. Donations will help the center continue to serve those who are poor and in need of care, as well as educate the community and stem the spread of the coronavirus.