Jubilee 2020

Sister Mala Kubi, CSC

Sister Mala Kubi, CSC

Sister Mala Kubi, CSC 

Celebrating Her Silver Jubilee

Sister Mala was born in Boruakuna, Netrokona, Bangladesh. She thanks God for her beautiful family. Her father taught catechism classes and her mother is a housewife. There are eight siblings in her family, four brothers and four sisters, including her. Having grown up in a big family, she acknowledges that it is a lot of joy, fun, sharing and love.

Her siblings are settled down and she has 20 nieces and nephews — all studying at colleges and universities. Sister Mala shares that her entire family values the Christian faith and virtues. Two of her sisters also are women religious. In addition, her aunt and one of her nieces joined the Sisters of Charity congregation.

About Her Ministry

Sister Mala made her initial profession of vows on December 8, 1995, and her perpetual profession on September 22, 2001. Before entering the Congregation, she was a teacher. Sister Mala began her pastoral ministries in 1995 and has served in a variety of roles over the past 25 years. She has spent a total of 13 years in parish, health center and hostel ministries with the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Jalchatra, Tangail; Dhaka; Sonapur, Chittagong; and Pirgacha, Tangail, Bangladesh. She also spent a year as a tutor and assistant in liturgy with the National Social Catechetical Training Centre in Jashore, Khulna, Bangladesh. In 2004 she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tejgaon College, Dhaka. From 2011, Sister Mala served six years as candidate directress in the formation house at Deepaneeta, Savar, Bangladesh, where she currently assists the new directress.

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Getting to know her


Bangalore (India)  2000–2001, One-year Diploma course in Theology
Dhaka (Dhaka)  2002–2004,  BA Teaching
India (Pune)  2010–2011, Diploma in Pastoral Counseling & Religious   

My favorite activities

I love sewing, singing and gardening.

Favorite time of ministry: 

Initially, I did not want to work in the formation house. I thought of it as challenging work and not a praising work. When I took the responsibility, I embraced it—putting my love fully into it. The work became easier. I love the work and formees. Since I have spent a longer time in the formation house, I discovered that this is my favorite ministry. Here, there is nice set-up for everything. There is a time for meditation, personal and communal prayer, work, leisure and to have fun together. It allows for discipline and balanced life. My term as a candidate directress expired in December 2020. I am still in the formation house, assisting Sister Runu Mrong, CSC. 

Most memorable area of ministry:  

My most memorable area is Jalchatra Parish. Right after my first profession, I went to Jalchatra Parish. That was my first mission. With lots of zeal and enthusiasm, I have served God’s people as a young sister. We went to the village by bicycle. It was there where I learned how to ride a bicycle. It was hard, but we did it joyfully and happily. 

My favorite story:  

A group of Holy Cross sisters went to Rajshahi Diocese for an annual retreat in May 2008. After finishing the eight days of the retreat, we visited some beautiful places, including the university. Rajshahi is a famous for mangos. We all like to eat mangos, so we all bought some for our local houses. After experiencing the retreat, we felt mutual love, support and respect. It was an enriching experience. 

My favorite song: