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The seven circuit labyrinth

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The labyrinth at Saint Mary'sThe Sisters of the Holy Cross invite you to experience the seven circuit labyrinth. The labyrinth and the prayer garden are located on River Road on the Saint Mary’s campus, Notre Dame, Indiana.

Labyrinths are found in many cultural and spiritual traditions and are being rediscovered worldwide. Based on the circle and the spiral, the labyrinth is an ancient and powerful symbol of wholeness and transformation.This labyrinth is a form of walking meditation. When you visit the grounds and labyrinth these ideas may prove helpful to you:

  • Pause at the entry to allow yourself to be fully conscious of the act of stepping into the labyrinth.
  • Allow yourself to find the pace your body wants to go or, possibly, to stop.
  • If you come upon a traveler who is moving at a different pace from you or someone who is moving in the opposite direction, you may pass each other by stepping around one another.
  • Feel free to laugh or cry or sing.
  • You may wish to pause at the center before beginning the journey back out of the labyrinth.

If, by chance, you find you are lost or confused, feel free to walk off the labyrinth and begin again. There are no guidelines to walking the labyrinth. It is a joyfully sacred space. You do not need to be somber around it, but if someone is walking the labyrinth, please respect the need they may have for quiet meditation.