Honor Holy Cross with a Lasting Gift

The Sisters of the Holy Cross offer a few options to provide memorable and lasting gifts. Read on to learn how you can add a loved one's name to the Book of Remembrance or join the Holy Cross Legacy Club today.

Book of Remembrance

The Moreau Remembrance Garden was dedicated in 2008 to honor the Beatification of Holy Cross Founder Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau. The garden is filled with native flowering plants that bloom from spring to fall. Yet even in winter there is solemn beauty.

It is here, in this sacred and serene garden at Saint Mary’s, Notre Dame, Indiana, that the Congregation’s Book of Remembrance rests, containing the names of loved ones honored and memorialized with the Sisters of the HolyCross. Those whose names are written in the book are remembered in the Prayers of the Faithful during the liturgies at the church.

Flowers in full bloom line the stone path to the Book of Remembrance, Saint Mary's, Notre Dame, Indiana

To add a Name to the Book of Remembrance

You can support the sisters when you have your name, or the name of a loved one, engraved* in the Moreau Garden Book of Remembrance. 

For each name listed we ask for a minimum donation of $200 . You may include up to 42 characters and spaces, including punctuation, for your entry in the book.

* The names of those honored or memorialized will be updated at least annually.

We encourage you to consider this special way of remembering someone who touches or has touched your life. Many have chosen to remember a Holy Cross sister who left a lasting impact on their lives.

Send us the name of the individual or individuals you would like to honor or memorialize, and we will ensure they are placed in our Book of Remembrance. We simply ask you to consider a donation of$200 or more per name, which will support the sisters’ retirement needs and our Ministry With the Poor Fund. 

Holy Cross Legacy Club

Since 1996 the Holy Cross Legacy Club recognizes individuals who, through planned gifts, (a gift that will be distributed sometime in the future), name the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Inc., as their primary or contingent beneficiary. 

Members of the Holy Cross Legacy Club are ordinary people from all walks of life with different income levels, professions and passion, whose extraordinary generosity will make a positive difference in the future of the Congregation. 

Planning a deferred gift?

Please let us know! We celebrate intentions but we know plans can change. 

Sister M. Rose Edward (Goodrow), CSC, 

phone: 574-284-5641 

email: development@cscsisters.org.