Bringing God’s loving embrace to our world in need

The Sisters of the Holy Cross follow Christ’s call to be with our brothers and sisters in their suffering. Your prayers and financial support this past year have enabled us to live our mission faithfully. You have facilitated 54 life-giving projects sponsored by our sisters in seven countries aimed directly at uplifting those who cry out for someone to care.

This report provides just a sampling of what you enable our sisters to do to improve the lives of so many. Our sisters educate, heal, uplift and empower through your gifts.

I hope that you will consider continuing to support the Ministry With the Poor Fund in our holy collaboration together. Whether through a financial contribution, sending a remembrance card, or prayer, we continue to do so much good together. As we grow the fund with your support, it enables us to increase our reach and meet more needs both in the United States and globally.

For a more comprehensive list of projects funded by Ministry With the Poor, please visit Global Ministries.

Sister M. Rose Edward (Goodrow), CSC
Director of Development

2019-2020 Fund Overview

  • fifty-four projects funded in seven countries
  • $402,536 distributed
  • more than $80,000 to sponsored educational institutions of the Sisters of the Holy Cross
  • more than $40,000 to provide health care and health eduction for disease prevention to the poor
  • more than $180,000 to educate, empower, and feed the hungry in the United States