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Finding the pearl of great price

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Sisters pose for a celebratory picture following Perpetual Profession in Mexico, 2017
On Saturday, June 17, Sister Areli Cruz Hernández and Sister Esperanza Jacobo Acevedo made their perpetual profession of vows at Parroquia Nuestra Madre Santísima de la Luz in Cd. Guadalupe, Monterrey, Mexico. Pictured left to right: front row, Sisters Joy O’Grady, Area of North America coordinator; Areli and Esperanza; back row, Sisters Joan Mader, Patricia Mary Crane, Patricia Anne Clossey, Suzanne Brennan, Leadership Team general treasurer; and Patricia RodrÍguez Leal

by Sister Esperanza Jacobo Acevedo, CSC

“The kingdom of heaven is like a man who is looking for fine pearls, and when he finds one of great value, he goes and sells all he has, and buys that pearl.” Matthew 13:45-46

When I started my discernment 10 years ago, I asked for God’s guidance. I trusted her and I can say she has been faithful all these years. It was in 2005 that I met the Sisters of the Holy Cross and they inspired me to think about religious life. They helped me to experience God’s love. The Sisters showed respect for my culture, my personality and their dedication to my people.

Sisters of the Holy Cross were the reason I decided to live the experience of “Come and See,” where I only wanted to see. I told my family that it was a three-month retreat. I did not know how to explain the program. God, however, had another plan. I am here after 10 years with great joy searching for the hidden treasure.

My inspiration

The life of Jesus—a peasant born in an environment of poverty, violence and ignorance—not only inspires me, but also challenges me to live a life that according to Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau extends preference to the most needy. As the person who bought the pearl of great price, I am willing to sell everything in order to attain something more valuable. I believe that in solidarity and love is found liberty, joy and strength to support the well-being of others.

During my short time as a Sister of the Holy Cross, I have had experiences in ministry that have changed my life, and I give thanks to God for all of them. It is thanks to my own experiences in life, such as poverty, limited education and death in my family, that I can accompany others, such as immigrants to the United States and Mexico, or patients in hospitals, through their difficulties. Who understands the pain of another human being? Those who have passed through similar difficulties.

Beautiful celebration

Today, the day of my perpetual profession, is a joyful celebration of my beautiful journey as a woman. I am responding to God’s unconditional love by choosing religious life above all other good lifestyles.

I want to thank my family for their supportive love; my sisters in Holy Cross for all their ways of expressing God’s love in their lives; my friends for walking with me; and above all God, for her love and infinite mercy.