Ecological Education

Laudato Si' Action Platform Goal

Ecological Education is what the phrase implies and more. It fosters literacy of the natural world and its wondrous processes, as well as awareness of environmental issues and ways to address them. But it also aims for something deeper – education of the heart. It’s there that the roots of new insight, attitudes and behaviors begin.

Affirming that we are part of the natural world—not separate from it—ecological education stresses the interconnectedness of all things. How we live individually impacts the whole, for better or for worse. From this origin point—the understanding that all things, including ourselves, rely on and benefit from each other—we can develop empathy and more ethical ways of living. These qualities allow us to let go of our blind self-interests so we can collectively pursue a greater good for all.

“If the laws are to bring about significant, long-lasting effects, the majority of the members of society must be adequately motivated to accept them, and personally transformed to respond. Only by cultivating sound virtues will people be able to make a selfless ecological commitment.”

Laudato Si'  211

It is especially important that children receive this knowledge, so they may apply and grow such ideals in their personal practices, their culture and societal structures throughout their lifetimes. By nurturing children in natural habitats and introducing them to the workings of the world and the grave issues that stem from its neglect, they will come to recognize and appreciate their precious relationship and responsibility.

Along with curricula, ecological activities, such as visiting an organic farm or rainwater collection, as well as service learning and project-based learning that bring light to human rights and environmental issues, further instill these ideals and a conscience-driven perspective.

“How we educate the mind will change with the times; how we cultivate the heart is and will remain timeless.”

—Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau

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