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Response to the Cry of the Earth

Laudato Si' Action Platform Goal

This goal from the Laudato Si Action Platform encourages us to mindfully hear and respond to the cry of the Earth. The goal requires us to listen to our planet—perhaps more intently than we have before—to better understand what Earth is trying to tell us.

Pausing to first recognize the beauty of God’s creation is a wonderful place to start. Marvel at the beauty that surrounds us and the divine order of our complex eco-systems. Treasure memories of your favorite seasons and how each one brings something new into our lives. Give gratitude for the shelter, nourishment, and resources our planet provides.

“Response to the Cry of the Earth is a call to protect our common home for the wellbeing of all, as we equitably address the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and ecological sustainability.”


We are Her Stewards

Existing on its own, Earth is a place of homeostasis and sufficiency. Her cries and prevalent imbalance today are an indication we have interrupted this otherwise perfect system. Responding to the cries of the Earth is a call to remember that we are more than just her inhabitants—we are her stewards as well.

To address this goal, we must seek to protect our common home for the well-being of all creatures and all of humanity. Our efforts should respond to the climate crises equitably so that we restore balance to those who are most affected by changes in weather, rising waters, and loss of resources. We must also halt the further loss of biodiversity and seek true ecological sustainability.

“With eyes of faith consider the greatness of your mission and the wonderful amount of good which you can accomplish.”

—Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau

Learn.   Pray.   Discern.

Sisters of the Holy Cross invites you to continue the journey with us as we respond to the cries of the Earth and lean into what we can each do to better care for our common home.

Start by downloading Laudato Si'  for free or purchase a copy from your favorite bookseller. 

Suggested readings from Laudato Si' :

Take the time to read paragraphs 20-42 of Laudato Si’ (on care for our common home). This reading will cover important topics about our climate crisis including:

  • paragraphs 20-26: Pollution and climate change 
  • paragraphs 27-31: The Issue of Water 
  • paragraphs 32-42: Loss of biodiversity 

Ask Yourself

What about each reading stands out to you?

How does your lifestyle contribute to the issues presented in the readings?

How are people who live in poverty adversely affected by climate change?

What can you do on a personal level to address the issue of pollution, climate change, water scarcity and loss of biodiversity?

A Holy Cross Prayer

It is important to reflect on the beauty of our planet as we look for strength and guidance to restore balance and address our climate crisis.

Prayer for Response to the Cry of the Earth

Provided by Holy Cross International Justice Office

Creator God, you brought us forth from Earth, and in your love for us, you entrusted to us the care and protection of all creation.

Grant us the wisdom to be awed and humbled by your gifts, O God, that we might never forget: Violence against creation is violence against us all.

Even as we celebrate the beauty and bounty that surrounds us, may we also acknowledge the suffering we have inflicted on creation, through our actions and through our failures to act.

The cry of the Earth is a wound we feel at the soul level. As we experience this pain, O God, convert our hearts, that we might transform our vision of what is possible through active hope.


Prayer Service from HCIJO

Holy Cross International Justice Office prayer service, “Response to the Cry of the Earth" is available on the website.

Continue this Journey with Us

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Together, we can journey toward a better future.

Sisters of the Holy Cross Laudato Si' Action Platform icon, 2021
Our time is now.

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