Community Resilience and Empowerment

Laudato Si' Action Platform

We’re doing it! Adapting our thoughts, attitudes and actions for the good of our Earth community is no small feat. As we continue to internalize and embody the themes of Laudato Si', we will progressively learn, grow and realize our essential place and role within an integral ecology.

Now let’s partner with others to create a larger, unified impact. This is what the Laudato Si' goal of Community Resilience and Empowerment is about. Individually we can do great good, but together we can do so much more!

“The nonviolent way of Jesus challenges us to examine the quality of our interpersonal relationships, own the complexity inherent in our struggle to live without violence, embrace diversity, and espouse the common good.”

—Sisters of the Holy Cross

By networking with other individuals and organizations, we can expand advocacy efforts, create more equitable systems, and inspire others to do the same. Start by celebrating your own neighborhood and/or local community, its strengths, potential and the people who live there.

Then, find out your community’s needs through dialogue and deep listening, making sure the voices heard represent a diversity of race, gender, culture, age, occupations, education and experience. Discover how you inform and motivate each other as you pursue a shared goal. Together you can develop and launch initiatives that support and reflect healthy, equitable and capable communities.

There is no limit to the type and size of involvement you can have. Work with organizations that share common beliefs to give greater reach to your efforts. Consider expanding your network by getting more involved in local, state or even federal politics. And tell your circles of friends, coworkers and family about your personal ecological conversion. Remember, we’re all in this together!

“Social problems must be addressed by community networks ... The ecological conversion needed to bring about lasting change is also a community conversion”

—Laudato Si' 219

Learn.   Pray.   Discern.

Sisters of the Holy Cross invites you to continue the journey with us as we respond to sustainable lifestyles and lean into what we can each do to better care for our common home. 

You can download a copy of Laudato Si'  for free or purchase a copy from your favorite bookseller. 

Suggested readings from Laudato Si':

In Laudato Si', Pope Francis invites all people, not just members of the church, to enter into dialogue about our common home (LS 3). This self-guided workshop on “Ecological Education” is an opportunity for you to connect with your own experiences and reflect on where you are being called to act. You are invited to prayerfully spend time with the following readings from Laudato Si'.

  • paragraphs 13-16: Appeal from Pope Francis
  • paragraph 145: Cultural Identity and Community
  • paragraph 179: Individuals Can Make a Difference
  • paragraphs 228-232: Civic and Political Love

Community Resilience and Empowerment Workshop

Ask Yourself 

What about each reading stands out to you?

How are your engaged in advocacy at the local and national level?

What are the challenges/harsh realities people in your community face?

How can you encourage a sense of belonging in your local community?

What ideas do you have to promote community resilience and empowerment in your faith community and beyond to your wider community?

A Holy Cross Prayer

It is important to reflect on the beauty of our planet as we look for strength and guidance to restore balance and address our climate crisis.

Prayer for Community Resilience and Empowerment

Provided by Holy Cross International Justice Office

O God, open our hearts and our eyes that we might recognize the struggles of our neighbors, even as we witness the sacredness of all life. Imbue us with courage and wisdom, that we might embrace the common good, boldly building resilient communities, where all have the opportunity to flourish and commune with creation and each other.  


Prayer Service from HCIJO

Holy Cross International Justice Office prayer service, "Community Resilience and Empowerment"
is available on the website.

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