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My life is a journey of faith

Sister Rita Godhino, CSC, second from left, visits with University of Southern California students after Sunday Mass at Our Savior Parish, Los Angeles.
Sister Rita Godhino, CSC, second from left, visits with University of Southern California students after Sunday Mass at Our Savior Parish, Los Angeles.

by Sister Rita Godhino, CSC

When I was younger my mind was always filled with questions like, ‘What shall I do in the future?’ When I reached the age of 18, deeper questions arose such as, ‘What is the meaning of life? How can I live a more meaningful life?’ I have to leave my home and stand on my own feet. I must make a good and firm decision for my life and the future.’

As the years passed, I slowly realized that God was providing answers to my questions little by little. The first signal came after my final school exam. After participating in weekday Mass at my parish church, the parish priest asked me, ‘Would you like to be a nun?’

Sometimes after completing one’s school certificate, girls join a congregation. I was puzzled. Not knowing how to reply, asked, ‘How; where; and when father?’ I believe it was God who spoke to me through the father. He suggested the Holy Cross congregation and wrote a letter to the vocation coordinator of Holy Cross for me. With this letter, I came to Holy Cross Convent [in Dhaka, Bangladesh] for the very first time.

I heard God’s soft voice calling out to me in silence. ‘Somewhere out there is someone who needs your service. Would you reach there?’ With a humble heart, I did respond to God’s call.

On January 20, 1989, I entered the novitiate after my Christmas vacation. Novitiate was the springtime of my religious life. I loved my classes in scripture, spirituality, sacraments and many other classes and activities, including family visiting two days a week. I had a very good pastoral experience in my novitiate. It taught me more about my faith and living the consecrated life. We had Mass every morning, prayed together, had Gospel sharing in the evening and prayed the rosary every day at 3 p.m. There was time for personal prayers as well. I worked in different areas in the novitiate and got to know and enjoy the sisters. We had fun together no matter what we were doing. My stay was in a beautiful brick building. I loved walking on the roof in the evening and adored the sunset. I quietly enjoyed nature, God’s wonderful creation. The novitiate set a solid foundation for living my consecrated life.

After two years in the novitiate, I took my first [initial] vows. I pronounced the vows of consecrated poverty, chastity and obedience to God, to the Church and to the Sisters of the Holy Cross Congregation forever. My whole life would be lived for God alone. No pain, no suffering or misunderstanding has stopped my journey of religious life.

Each day I live out my consecrated life with the commitment of love. My life is filled with many challenges and God has been good to me. He has provided strength, courage and comfort in the challenging years, and blessed me with much joy and happiness. I continue to serve Him in whatever service He calls me to. I often think of St. Mother Teresa, who said, “Smile, no matter what comes in your way!”

My life is a journey of faith and trust in God’s providence. Now, I am a missionary in a foreign land. I have left my boat behind. I left my friends, my relatives, my siblings, my grandniece and nephews whom I love so much. God will fulfill me with whatever I need. How much I emptied myself, that much God filled me with His graces. God loves me so much and I am a happy religious.

Sister Rita, a native of Bangladesh, professed her initial vows with the Sisters of the Holy Cross in 1991 and her perpetual vows in 1999. She is vocation coordinator for the United States, based in Los Angeles, California. 

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  1. Sr. Dolores Bray, csc
    | Reply

    Sister Rita,
    This is a beautiful story of your journey in life, in the Church and in Holy Cross. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so grateful to know you better as you minister in Los Angeles and visit in Ventura, California with us at St. Catherine’s Convent. Looking forward always to your visit and connection with the program of ministry here — it becomes business and pleasure to have you with us for a few days. Love and blessings, Dolores, csc

  2. Sr.Shagorica M. Gomes,CSC
    | Reply

    Dear Sr. Rita,
    Congratulations ! You are strong women of Holy Cross. Your genuine life and love for Christ in religious life is v—e—r—y inspiring. May all you are and do for the love of Christ and for Holy Cross will bring hundredfold happiness in your life.
    Keep faith and God will do the rest. Sr. Shagorica,CSC

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    This is really helpful, thanks.

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  7. Patricia Pereira
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    Greetings of peace.

    I am the editor of Herald the Catholic Weekly – the Catholic publication for the Peninsular Malaysia Church. I would like to seek permission to reproduce some of the reflections which appear on this blog.
    We have a column called ‘Ruminations’ where we invite clergy, religious & laity to share reflections on their lives, mission etc. I would like to encourage more of our local nuns to contribute and am hoping that by reading the reflections from nuns abroad, they will be ‘energised’ to share as well.

    The author’s name will appear, together with their photo (with their permission) and a link back to your blog.
    Just to give you an inkling of how it would appear, please refer to Page 2 (Ruminations) of the links below:

    If you’re agreeable, would you give permission for us to reproduce reflections from this blog now and then and we will send you our link whenever the reflections are feature.

    Looking forward to your favourable reply.

    Thank you

    Patricia Pereira

    • Elissa Schmidt
      | Reply

      We are unable to grant a blank permission for our blog posts. Our posts are written by staff and Sisters, so permission would need to be cleared by each author with each use. Thank you for your interest in the Sisters of the Holy Cross.

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