Help Us, Help Others

You make it all possible. 

Your generosity to the Ministry With the Poor Fund transforms lives and makes it possible for the Sisters of the Holy Cross to live their mission. Your financial and prayerful support bears witness to the great commandment to love God and Neighbor.

How can you help others?

How do you ensure the donations are used wisely?

Sisters of the Holy Cross who receive funding are directly responsible to oversee the use of the funds. They must complete two accountability reports on the use of funds and how they impacted people’s lives.

Are my gifts really needed?

Yes! Each year, we rely on your gifts to continue supporting all our projects. Simply put, the more we receive in donations, the more needs we can meet.

Why is it called Ministry With the Poor?

We took much care in giving the fund a name that is representative and respectful. You’ll notice that we capitalize “With” in the name. That’s not by accident.

Our emphasis is not on “doing to” or “doing for.” Rather, we “walk with” those who are powerless, marginalized or living in poverty at the fringes of society.


Your donation to the Ministry With the Poor Fund increases our grant opportunities. Each year, sisters have the opportunity to apply for a grant to support programs and projects that serve the most vulnerable of God’s people around the world.

Through the fund, sisters are able to create opportunities to help communities by sponsoring individual projects. These projects reflect the Congregation’s international commitment to be in solidarity with the most vulnerable and marginalized — especially women and children.

The fund has begun to prioritize projects that care for God’s creation and provide meaningful change in the lives of those around the world. This evolution of the fund is important to the sisters mission as well as their on-going commitment to Laudato Si' (on care for our common home).

Holy Cross Hostels

Changing Lives

Most young students in the United States live close to a public school and have access to free transportation, allowing them a safe way to arrive each morning. In other areas of the world, realities like this are far less likely to exist.

Distance, weather and poverty often keep children from accessing schooling. Addressing these obstacles, Holy Cross hostels can change lives by connecting students to education and other experiences and resources.

The Congregation operates 13 hostels in Africa and Asia — all of them providing food, water, common medicines and educational resources that ensure students’ success and well-being. This arrangement can benefit more than just the students. 

A young student at the Congregation’s hostel in Jatah, India.
Sister Elmolin Lyngkhoi, CSC, with students from the girls hostel in Jatah, India.

Learn more about how your gifts help others

For the 2022–23 funding year, thanks to your kind heart, Ministry With the Poor disbursed nearly $340,000. These funds were disbursed to Sisters of the Holy Cross enabling sisters to help in six countries for 48 projects that address a host of needs.

A Century Old but No Longer Alone

Kachotara, nearly 100,  was living alone following the death of her mother. Feeling alone and afraid in her home, Kachotara fled to eke out an existence in the bush.

On a hot, dusty day, Martina was driving home from the market and saw  what appeared to be an odd bundle of rags. It was Kachotara. She was disoriented, but able to give her name. With kindness, Martina took Kachotara home with her.

But Kachotara needed more than Martina could afford on her small salary.