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Lent 2022: Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday
April 17, 2022

Luke 24:1-12

It takes time. Even with Jesus’ closest contacts, it took time to trust the two men at the tomb; to remember what Jesus had already told them; to gain credibility among the disciples; to move from fear and doubt to discover and accept their humanity and the inner strength Jesus gave them to go out to others so they could also find life in the GOOD News.

This is a moment to express sincere gratitude to the six sisters who offered their reflections for this booklet, sharing unique expressions from their Hispanic roots and diverse life experiences. They are Holy Cross Sisters Verónica A. Fajardo, Patricia Rodríguez Leal, Areli Cruz Hernández, Esperanza Jacobo Acevedo, Laura Guadalupe Tiburcio Santos and Nieves Lidia Ortiz Galván. By examining their humanity and resistance to those who are different, each of them acknowledges vulnerability. Doing so, accompanied by Jesus’ faithful love, has opened them to experience inner strength, compassion, love and mercy as they encounter the vulnerability and suffering of at-risk children, migrants and marginalized persons.

For the world, may we model gratitude and commitment to hope—actions that support, empower and affirm others as instruments of God’s presence and love. Working together in a mission larger than ourselves, new life and transformation of life will be visible and available for people of all places and ages.

—Sister Mary Tiernan, CSC