Jubilee 2022

We congratulate and honor five Holy Cross sisters who are celebrating their jubilee anniversaries of consecrated life in 2022. The congregational observance of the occasion will be July 16. One sister is celebrating 50 years since her initial profession of vows, and four are celebrating 25 years. Click on the jubilarians’ images to learn more about them and their lives and ministries in Holy Cross.

Golden Jubilarian, 50 years

Sister Joy O'Grady, CSC Jubilee 2022

Silver Jubilarian, 25 years

Silver Jubilarian, 25 years

Sister Sheshanti Margaret Nokrek, CSC Jubilee 2022

Silver Jubilarian, 25 years

Sister Linda Veronica Gomes, CSC Jubilee 2022

Honoring Those Who Are Gone

We take a moment to remember and honor those Holy Cross sisters who would have celebrated their Jubilee in 2022. Please click on any of the highlighted names, listed in order of initial profession, to read more about each sister.

Sister M. Rita (McAndrew)

Sister M. Pauline (Roach)

Sister M. Laurentana (Gleason)

Sister Mary Farrer

Sister M. Gladys (Dombek)

Sister Mary Jane Honan

Sister M. Joellen (Sabin)

Sister Ann Donnelly

Sister M. Laurinda (Jasica)

Sister M. Cyril (Dubala)

Sister M. Madonna (Murphy)

Sister M. Gerardine (Ludwick)

Sister M. St. Jean (Howl)

Sister Margaret Ann Nowacki

Sister M. Alvina (Traeger)

Sister M. Marina (Prevedel)

Sister Mary Margaret Koester

Sister M. Leo Joseph (Koester)

Sister M. Charity (Downs)

Sister Anna Marie Towers

Sister Mary Agnes Mullen

Sister Miriam Regina (Brosnan)

Sister M. Hilarita (Meehan)

Sister Mildred Marie (O’Keefe)

Sister M. Agatha Ann (Farrell)