In loving memory…

Sister M. Lourdes (Kelly), CSC

Sister M. Lourdes (Kelly), CSC 

Funeral Arrangements:

Thursday, ​January 2, 2020

Church of Our Lady of Loretto
Saint Mary’s, Notre Dame, Indiana

Visitation: ​9:15 a.m.

​Holy Rosary: ​9:45 a.m.

Prayers in the Presence of the Body: ​10:​15 a.m.; Mass of the Resurrection to follow

Sister ​M. Lourdes (Kelly), CSC
​(Anna May Kelly)

​​​​​May 20, 1910 – December 29, 2019 

Word has been received of the death of Sister M. Lourdes (Kelly), CSC, who died at 7:55 a.m. on December 29, 2019, in Saint Mary’s Convent, Notre Dame, Indiana. Sister Lourdes entered the Congregation from Dublin, Ireland on December 7, 1935. Her initial profession of vows took place on August 15, 1938.

Please join us in prayer for Sister as we renew our faith in the resurrected Jesus and strengthen our hope that all the departed will be raised to eternal life.

It is usually a high compliment when a person is described as someone who had such personality that she could stop traffic. Not in the case of Sister M. Lourdes (Kelly). Her independence and determination caused concern. Well into her nineties, Sister’s daily prayer included a trip from the Saint Mary’s motherhouse over to the Grotto on the University of Notre Dame campus. If her ride did not show up promptly, Sister Lourdes headed out alone down The Avenue. Just as impatiently, she started across the highway with her rosary, not waiting for cars to slow down on the highway at the main entrance to Saint Mary’s. She brushed off those who would protect her by saying, “Don’t worry about the traffic, people will stop.”

Sister Lourdes often engaged visitors in conversation at the Grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes. She introduced herself to one visitor when she was 93, explaining that she had hoped to receive the name Brigid, patroness of her native Ireland, at the time of her Reception of the Holy Habit in 1936. “But my, how I was delighted to be named after the Blessed Virgin!” Her genuine interaction and humanity touched those she encountered. More than one person remembers Sister’s promise of prayer.  “It is all in the hands of God and the Blessed Mother. Give your life completely….”

Sister Lourdes never lost her Irish brogue, having been born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1910. Her father, James Kelly, was a railroad engineer. He had already died of pneumonia at 72 by the time of her initial profession as a Sister of the Holy Cross at age 28 in August 1938. Her mother, Frances Phelan Kelly, was 71 when her daughter Anna May Kelly professed her vows. She was the youngest of 11 children, all of whom predeceased her. The music for her Mass of Resurrection will be the same as that for her sister Frances Kelly. Her sister Elizabeth, Sister Mary Martha (Kelly), CSC, did not think Anna May had a religious vocation but agreed to take her with her back to the United States to be a Sister of the Holy Cross. Sister Martha died in 1987. Sister Lourdes, after years of bureaucratic mix-ups, finally became a citizen of the United States in 1948 at age 37.

The young Anna May Kelly had only wanted to be a sister, assuming she would be a housekeeper like the Blessed Mother. As Sister Lourdes she was shocked to be assigned as an elementary school teacher, beginning at St. Joseph School, South Bend, Indiana, in 1938, where there was a large Irish population.  The children were thrilled to have her as a teacher. She was a successful teacher in parish schools throughout Indiana and Illinois. In 1973, she continued in Catholic education as a tutor for students who needed support, serving at Holy Redeemer School, Flint, Michigan, and at St. Paul’s School, Valparaiso, Indiana, each for three years. In 1980, Sister Lourdes retired to Saint Mary’s Convent but continued in various ministries of prayer, including visits to the Grotto at Notre Dame, stopping traffic.

Sister Lourdes planned ahead—as did her sister Frances, who had arranged for 30 masses to be celebrated for Sister Lourdes upon her death. Sister wrote in December 1993 that she was, “Looking ahead to that great day.” She wanted no memento at the vigil service, only a rosary recited for the repose of her soul. Sister Lourdes died at Saint Mary’s Convent, Notre Dame, Indiana, at the age of 109, having entered Holy Cross after leaving Dublin in the same month 84 years earlier. Her citizenship is now in heaven.

Written by ​Sister Catherine Osimo, CSC.

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  1. Joan Devito
    | Reply

    I am so grateful to God for placing Sr. Lourdes in my life. Sister was my teacher at Holy Redeemer in 1968-1969. She was a wonderful inspiration to me. I often would stay after school to help her dust the many books in her classroom because I felt safe there in her classroom. She always would have comforting words for me. I always felt I didn’t have to say anything and yet it was like she could feel that I was struggling. She took me under her wings and made me feel safe and protected. She was an angel. She was a beautiful gift. I will always have a special spot in my heart for her. Peace to all.

  2. William Farrell
    | Reply

    We remember at Holy Redeemer as a kind and very good educater. May she Rest In Peace. William J Farrell.

  3. Gregory Marciszewski
    | Reply

    Those of us who were fortunate enough to know Sister Lourdes were truly blessed by her religious vocation. I fondly will always remember her walking across the parking lot at Holy Redeemer Catholic School, out of the little school and to the convent, rosary beads always in hand. If you had the opportunity to accompany her, you could be assured she would provide you with one of Mrs. Robbins chocolate chip cookies. May she and all of the good Sisters of the Holy Cross rest in eternal peace.

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