General Administration Team of the Sister of the Holy Cross, June 2023

General Administration 


The General Administration was officially installed on September 8, 2019, in the Church of Our Lady of Loretto at Saint Mary’s, Notre Dame, Indiana.

Sister M. Veronique (Wiedower), CSC, President

Sister Veronique is serving her second term in this leadership role. She previously worked for five years at Saint Mary’s College, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Notre Dame, Indiana, serving as a campus minister and then as vice president for Mission. Her prior ministries include serving as a faculty and staff member at St. Joseph Seminary in Los Altos, California, and directing the Office of Women Religious for the Diocese of San Diego, California. Sister Veronique worked in initial formation for the Congregation, and from 1994 to 2004 she served on the Congregation’s General Leadership Team. Sister Veronique entered the Congregation from San Diego in 1965.

Sister Pushpa Teresa Gomes, CSC, First Councilor

Sister Pushpa served as Area of Asia coordinator from 2014 to 2019. For the past eight years, she has been assistant headmistress of Holy Cross Girls’ High School, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and for the past three years, she has been an advisor and served on the governing body for Holy Cross College, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, also in Dhaka. From 2004 to 2009 she served as a councilor on the Congregation’s General Leadership Team, and previously ministered as a teacher and school headmistress in Bangladesh. For the Area of Asia, Sister Pushpa also served as novice director, formation coordinator and on the Congregation’s International Formation Coordination Team. Sister Pushpa entered the Congregation from Dhaka in 1980.

Sister Catherine Osimo, CSC, General Secretary

Sister Catherine has served as director of Congregational Archives and Records since 2015. For 20 years she taught secondary education in California, and was assistant headmaster for student life at Villanova Preparatory School in Ojai. She also served as associate director of youth ministry and vocations at Weber State College, Ogden, Utah. Working in parish ministry in California, she was a pastoral associate and director of catechetical ministry. She entered the Congregation from Santa Ana, California, in 1963.

Sister Esther Adjoa Entsiwah, CSC, Councilor

Sister Esther served as Area of Africa coordinator from 2014 to 2019, and previously was a candidate director in Ghana and a country vocation animator. She has ministered in teaching, school administration, school counseling, and formation. Sister Esther also was a member of the Congregation’s General Committee for Finance, Congregation Stewardship Committee and Congregation Justice Committee. She entered the Congregation from Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana, in 1991.

Sister Mary Tiernan, CSC, Councilor

Sister Mary has ministered in multicultural services, serving as CEO of Intercultural Consultation Services and with Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, Maryland. She was on the initial International Novitiate team from 2009 to 2015 and served as novice director. Her ministries have included nursing, working with parents of children with special needs, and opening three missions in Brazil. She has served on the Congregation Justice Committee, the Latin America formation team, and the Congregation’s International Vocation Coordination Team. Sister Mary entered the Congregation from Silver Spring, Maryland, in 1971.

Sister Suzanne Brennan, CSC, Councilor

Sister Suzanne, who was general treasurer on the Congregation’s General Leadership Team for the past five years, serves as councilor on the 2019-2024 team. She served as a social worker, was in healthcare administration in a number of medical centers, served in governance roles and, for 16 years, was the executive director of Holy Cross Ministries in Salt Lake City, Utah, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. She entered the Congregation from Chicago, Illinois, in 1965.