Ghana Get a Bus

Together we met our goal — a new bus for the students at Our Lady of Holy Cross School. Thank you to everyone who devoted their funds and hearts to this effort!

Because of your generosity Our Lady of Holy Cross, Kasoa, Ghana, will now be able to purchase a bus to ensure a dependable and safe commute for its students! The school has grown exponentially since its opening in 2006— now educating a thousand pre-K through eighth grade students. A real blessing, to be sure! But enrollment has outpaced the school’s transportation resources, leaving many students without a dependable way to get to and from school each day. Some students use unreliable shuttle and taxi services or pile onto motorbikes, while others walk to school unattended, which presents other risks to their safety. Thank you again for helping the school address these urgent safety needs through the purchase of a school bus.

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About our school

Our Lady of Holy Cross School, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, offers students an education in the Catholic, Holy Cross tradition. Beyond education of the mind, the school also seeks to educate the heart, preparing students to make a difference in their communities and the world. We, and our students, are grateful for your partnership in this ministry.

Children outside of Our Lady of Holy Cross School in Kasoa, Ghana

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