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Ripples reach beyond borders and into hearts

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There is such beauty in a ripple. From the moment a pebble drops into water, tiny waves flow outward, and who knows the breadth and depth to which they reach?

Your donations to the Ministry With the Poor Fund have created ripples in Kasoa, Ghana, where even the smallest gift makes a difference.

A single mother, Perpetual Osei and her 9-year-old child live with her aging parents in Kasoa. Perpetual earned a meager income as a storekeeper. Then she was introduced to Sister Monica Assifuah-Nunoo, CSC. 

Sister Monica Assifuah Nunoo, CSC

Sister Monica Assifuah-Nunoo, CSC

“I met Perpetual at a Parish Youth Council meeting at St. Martha’s Parish in Kasoa and was impressed by her desire to dream big,” says Sister Monica. Soon, there were frequent calls and encounters between the two women, and Sister Monica saw an opportunity to help Perpetual advance toward her goals. 

With support from the Ministry With the Poor Fund and in collaboration with the other Holy Cross sisters who serve in Kasoa, Sister Monica created an empowerment program to assist Perpetual and others like her to take their dreams to a higher level. “She is gifted with business ideas,” says Sister Monica. 

Through the program, Perpetual learned about different products and how each is made. For her new business, she chose to make soaps, laundry detergents, and other cleaning products to sell. The program assisted her in obtaining the required forms for starting a small business. Now, her new venture is off to a great start!

With this initial success behind her, Perpetual is encouraging unemployed young people to consider entrepreneurship. A few single mothers and a widow with three children have joined the empowerment program. They will be trained in entrepreneurship in the coming years and assisted in starting small businesses to support their families. 

Invigorating young faith

At St. Martha’s Parish, the Sisters of the Holy Cross also conduct a thriving youth ministry that engages the spiritual life of young people. A fast-growing Catholic community with a diverse make-up of ethnic groups from almost every part of Ghana, St. Martha’s is a vibrant faith community. 

Each Sunday, parish children receive a holistic education on the Catholic faith. These classes not only allow the young people to encounter Scripture but engage them in creative and fun programs that help them discover their God-given gifts. The youth also receive traditional preparation for the sacraments as they mature in their relationship with the Catholic Church. 

In addition, the parish sponsors an annual faith formation conference for youth. More than 500 young people attended the 2019 conference, which brought together participants from different Catholic communities in Kasoa. The attendees engaged in a series of workshops and exercises that motivated them to live out Gospel values and share God’s love with all. Relationship building is a core outcome of the workshop, with a goal to help youth build healthy relationships among themselves and with other members of society. 

Fruits of Holy Cross series from the Sisters of the Holy Cross

Fruits of Holy Cross

Every month, Fruits of Holy Cross shares the good news of the ministries of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. Our “fruits” are nourished not just by the sisters’ labors or the seed of faith planted by our founder Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, they are watered by our many prayer partners, donors and benefactors—by you.

Enabling those who live at the margins

Ministry to the elderly and disabled is a key focus in the pastoral outreach of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. The sisters regularly visit the elderly in their community, supplying them with basic needs such as food and soap. One man who is physically challenged and relies on a three-wheeled cycle for transportation was devastated when his vehicle was damaged beyond repair. Thanks to the Ministry With the Poor Fund, a new cycle was purchased, giving the man continued mobility. 

Thank you

These sweeping impacts on the lives of our sisters and brothers—these ripples—are made possible only through your generosity. Enriching the faith of many, serving the needs of the poor, and empowering people to succeed on their own skills and merits represent what you make possible. The sisters count on your support to carry out their works of mercy with you by their side.

As Sister Monica points out, the people she ministers to in Ghana who benefit from Ministry With the Poor funds “pray for blessings on all who contribute to help enrich their lives.”

We hope you will continue to journey with us to help the sisters meet the needs of the people they serve. Please consider a gift to Ministry With the Poor, where 100 percent of donations directly serve people in need. Select Ministry With the Poor in the “My gift is for” section. Thank you!