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Moreau Holy Cross School: Growing like a mighty tree

Teachers and staff from Moreau Holy Cross School

Moreau Holy Cross School continues to grow like a mighty tree

by Sister Jui Clara Corraya, CSC

“We stand here together, hand in hand, side by side… We go forth as one, as one we stand strong. Letting go, letting in, we emerge with new wings!” —adapted from the song “We Go Forth” by Jan Novotka

The Sisters of the Holy Cross founded Moreau Holy Cross School to transform lives and to create future leaders in Bhadun, Bangladesh. The sisters have always sought to bring positive changes in families and society through our global ministry of education. We are inspired by the desire of our founder, Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, not only to educate the mind but also the heart.  

Moreau Holy Cross School was founded on January 4, 2015. As a sponsored ministry of the Congregation, the school has flourished because of the support of so many. Moreau Holy Cross School is ever grateful to the friends who offer their prayers and financial donations.

Holy Cross School’s early years marked by great success

Sister Jamuna Magdeline Gomes, CSC, implemented the mission of the Congregation and creatively and energetically administered Moreau Holy Cross School from grades three through 10. The school is pleased to report that all students in grades five, eight and 10 who sat for Bangladesh government examinations successfully passed the rigorous tests.

In addition to a demanding in-class program characteristic of a Holy Cross education, Sister Jamuna knew extracurricular opportunities were important for student development. She began the English Club and sports group with the help of her teachers. Students also participate in different competitions like art and reciting poems, and in cultural programs throughout the year, especially celebrating significant national and international days.

Like students, teachers must also continue to grow, learn and develop their knowledge and skills. Moreau Holy Cross School has created many opportunities for its teachers by organizing seminars and workshops on a variety of topics supporting student learning and social development. Technology has supported these workshops. For example, donors to the Ministry With the Poor Fund provided a projector to enhance teacher training.

Moreau Holy Cross School ,Sister Renu, Violet and Jamuna

A new chapter at Holy Cross School begins

In the sixth year of the school, Moreau Holy Cross School is embarking on a new chapter. On July 1, 2020, the Sisters of the Holy Cross at the school prepared a ceremony for the school’s first transition of headmistress responsibilities. Sister Jamuna, founding headmistress, successfully completed her five-year term. Sister Violet Rodrigues, CSC, Area coordinator of Area of Asia, introduced Sister Mary Renu Samaddar, CSC, as the next headmistress beginning July 1, 2020.

The day was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The program took place in Arunalaya Convent’s chapel, Bhadun, Gazipur. It began with the eucharistic celebration presided by Father Proloy Augustine Cruze, parish priest at Good Shepherd Church in Bhadun.

Fruits of Holy Cross series from the Sisters of the Holy Cross

Fruits of Holy Cross

Every month, Fruits of Holy Cross shares the good news of the ministries of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. Our “fruits” are nourished not just by the sisters’ labors or the seed of faith planted by our founder Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, they are watered by our many prayer partners, donors and benefactors—by you.

During the Mass Sister Jamuna handed over the key to the school to the newly appointed headmistress. Then Sister Violet gave a lighted candle to Sister Mary Renu, wishing blessings on her new ministry. Sister Jamuna was given a plant with a seed to symbolically represent her being planted in a new place. She received a lighted candle so that she may shine in her ministry and remove the darkness from the people to whom she will be ministering. All present extended their hands over the two sisters and prayed the prayer of blessings, which was followed by the blessing of the oil.

Later all the sisters and the teaching staff gathered on the school’s campus where Sister Mary Renu was formally introduced as headmistress. With thankful and grateful hearts, everyone wished the best for Sister Jamuna with a bouquet of flowers. She received them with tearful joy, reflecting on the events and hard work of her team in building a new educational ministry. Sister Jamuna then symbolically handed over a school file to Sister Mary Renu, after which the two sisters lit a candle in front of the statue of Father Moreau. They asked his blessings upon them and for the entire ministry in the school. Sister Violet, in both her role as both Area coordinator for the Congregation and chairperson of the school’s managing committee, concluded the program by sharing her gratitude to all the sisters and staff on the bright past and future for Moreau Holy Cross School.

Sister Jamuna preparing garland Moreau Holy Cross School students

Thank you

Moreau Holy Cross School will continue to grow like a mighty tree and bear much fruit. The school is very grateful to the Congregation and for the generous hearts of the donors for their continuous support through the Ministry With the Poor Fund and individual gifts to the school. We invite you to join in this success by donating to the Ministry With the Poor Fund. If you would like to contribute directly to the needs of Moreau Holy Cross School in Bhadun, please select “Other” under “my gift is for” and type “Moreau Holy Cross School-Bhadun” in the field below.