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Embrace Sustainable Living!

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For September, the Sisters of the Holy Cross examined, discussed and celebrated the Laudato Siʹ Action Platform goal of Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles. The goal gives us all an opportunity to evaluate our personal and communal practices of consumption. The Season of Creation was a perfect time to reflect on this topic and discern how each of us play a role in the problems of waste and pollution—as well as the solution.

Sisters of the Holy Cross have been responding to ecological needs for many years. And as Sister M. Veronique Wiedower, CSC, Congregation president notes, “As women of Holy Cross, we will continue to immerse ourselves in communities to understand the needs of the place and people, and to meet them if possible. This was the vision of our founder, Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau.”

One key way sisters are practicing mindful living is through their dedication to using solar energy at their Holy Cross institutions around the world. Solar panels provide a sustainable energy source that doesn’t release any pollutants. Also, they are a great conversation and education starter for students, faculty, staff and members of the surrounding community as they see and learn firsthand the impact of using solar energy. Learn more about how solar energy is benefitting the Congregation’s ministries in Asia and Africa in the stories below.

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