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Embrace Laudato Si′ Week!

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Our time is now.

Our Earth is a gift. Let's honor and celebrate it during Laudato Si' Week—May 22-29, 2022. This year marks the seventh anniversary of Pope Francis’ landmark encyclical calling on the global community to collaboratively address the climate crisis and create a sustainable future for all.

Mark this week by demonstrating your care for creation. How about starting with these “Simple Habits to Help the Earth,” easy activities to jump-start your thoughts, attitudes and actions for the good of our planet. You might discover a new way of seeing, a new way of living—every day!  And the best thing, you can join others who are doing the same. Come alongside the Sisters of the Holy Cross on this journey, and find helpful resources, prayers and reflection pieces to help guide the way.

Simple Habits to Help the Earth

Here are seven easy ways to implement the Laudato Si′ Action Platform’s goals in your life. 

  1. Take a nature walk. Spend time outdoors reflecting on where you see God in creation to energize your eco-spirituality.
  2. Pray for people who are oppressed. Individuals who live in poverty and conflict bear the greatest burden from environmental degradation. Discern how else you might respond to the cry of the poor.
  3. Track your waste. To respond to the cry of the Earth, pay attention to how much you contribute to landfills and consider how you can reduce waste.
  4. Eat and shop local. To practice ecological economics, try to bring awareness to where your food and other purchases come from each week.
  5. Avoid single-use items. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle starts with small habits like switching to cloth napkins and reusable water bottles and avoiding plastic bags.
  6. Keep learning. Dig into an environmental organization’s website, catch a video or a podcast to expand your ecological education.
  7. Talk the talk. Share your personal commitments on environmental issues with others to help activate community resilience and empowerment.

Join Us Today

We invite you to enter into your own Laudato Si′ commitment as an individual, a family or a community, and to join us in this mission. Sign up to receive emails from us to stay informed and participate in our process. 

We are excited to walk with you on this path to help heal the planet and its people. Simply sign up below to get started. Together, we can journey toward a better future. Our Time is Now