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Director of Nursing

Resident Services


Salary Range: $92,000 - $116,000 per year

Weekdays, Varies

Position Description

Leads nurses with a vision for ideas and policies that will help with serving the Sisters, following the Vision of Person Directed Living. Collaborates in planning, organizing, developing and directing the overall clinical operations serving the Sisters. Responsible 24-7 for the provision of nursing services to Sisters in attached convents.

The Vision of Person Directed Living

Person Directed Living (PDL) shapes and informs the ways we care for and serve the Sisters of the Holy Cross in their living communities and for one another as a team. Team members will create an environment that is life-giving, respectful, safe and clinically appropriate for Sisters, honoring the Sisters’ dignity and personhood, and being respectful and collaborative with each other as teammates.

PDL is intentionally integrated into both clinical care that the Sisters receive as well as assisting their engagement in daily living and the life of their local community. Team members will develop relationships with the Sisters and among themselves so they may deeply know and support everyone in the community. Robust, respectful communication (verbal and non-verbal) is the PDL standard. As their ability dictates, Sisters are encouraged and supported in making individual choices about their daily routines and communal life through creative and thoughtful engagement by team members. PDL demands a delicate balance between the Sisters’ abilities and the team’s mandate for safety and dignity, calling upon each team member to assist Sisters with innovative solutions, and bringing joy and hope to every member of the community, Sisters and team members alike.


  • Understands, embraces and appreciates the concept of Person Directed Living in building personal relationships with the Sisters along with the other members of the interdisciplinary team.
  • Takes a creative and innovative approach to problem-solving. Is a continuous learner.
  • Expresses encouragement and optimism. Builds self-esteem in others.
  • Self-aware – knowledgeable of one’s values, personality, needs, habits, emotions, strengths and weaknesses. Open to feedback. Cares deeply about the people they serve, both Sisters and other team members. Is personally flexible and adaptable in responding and meeting the needs of the Sisters and working in service with other team members.
  • Treats others as partners, encouraging their input and trusting them to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Responds to needs when they are present, i.e., provides direct care to Sisters in answering call lights, transferring, listening, etc., to assist not only the Sisters, but fellow interdisciplinary team members.

Communication and Relationship Skills

  • Demonstrates understanding of the effects of the aging process (including cognitive, vision and hearing changes) when speaking with the Sisters. Removes distractions; lowers tone of voice; makes eye contact with the Sister; speaks slowly and calmly; uses gestures when appropriate.
  • Demonstrates effective listening skills. Listens to feelings, not just the words; maintains eye contact; attends to body language, voice and pitch, facial expressions.
  • Encourages social interactions between Sisters and between self and Sisters. Initiates conversations between self and Sisters and between Sisters; uses prompts such as photos and mementos to encourage conversation.
  • Demonstrates skills in navigating and de-escalating conflict.
  • Speaks calmly and gently; does not confront, contradict or correct; listens and responds to the feelings; distracts appropriately; knows when to ask for assistance.
  • Shares concerns, insights, new behaviors, problems, changes or any other items of concern or importance to the appropriate team members immediately as they arise.
  • Communicates with Sisters, colleagues, Superior, supervisor, volunteers and guests in a friendly, respectful and professional manner.
  • Accepts supervision openly and is accountable to enact that supervision.
  • Ensures confidentiality in all Sister-related issues.
  • Communicates complicated medical issues in understandable terms.

Essential Functions

  • Assists in assuring that the Sisters of the Holy Cross Mission is carried out in all department activities.
  • Develops relationships with the Sisters and the staff.
  • Leads with excellent organizational management skills.
  • Assures a high quality of evidence-based care is provided to the Sisters.
  • Review patient data to measure effectiveness of care.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate programs and services to ensure up-to-date best practices are provided to the Sisters.
  • Ensures a productive and supportive work environment by promoting a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to care.
  • Works collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team on the case conference process.
  • Communicates all appropriate information to those who need to know.
  • Guide and supervise nursing staff using attention to detail, compassion, patience and transparency.
  • Interviews nursing applicants and makes recommendations to HR on whom to hire for prospective nursing team members.
  • Regularly reviews attendance and punctuality and administers appropriate and timely disciplinary actions related to these issues
  • Assures on-going professional development is regularly available. Provides or arranges nursing job skill education and training for the care partners. Ensures the nurses and care partners receive on-going training and guidance.
  • Conducts performance appraisals within appropriate timeframe.
  • Develops and maintains department position descriptions in conjunction with Human Resources.
  • Develops, implements and oversees annual nursing department goals and objectives.
  • Develops a yearly nursing budget, presents those recommendations to the Administrator, reviews monthly budget reports, and operates services within budget.
  • Is knowledgeable and adheres to departmental and organizational policies and procedures.
  • Participates in nursing leadership on-call clinical rotation.
  • Provides oversight, teaching and regular monitoring of clinical charts and Sisters’ medical files.
  • Serves as nursing representation on a variety of committees.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assures that patient care is safely and appropriately delivered. Provides direct nursing care when necessary.
  • Assures that staffing patterns are clinically and fiscally appropriate on all floors and all shifts. Supervises the development of work schedules, approves requests for time off, and monitors absences.
  • Assures that employees are counseled in a fair and timely manner regarding work performance and absenteeism issues.
  • Manages nursing department within budget. Anticipates variances to the budget and takes appropriate action to deal with those variances.
  • With the Administrator’s approval, develops, updates and enforces written policies and procedures (including the Nursing Procedure Manual) that govern the day-to-day functions of Health Care Services.
  • Maintains effective communication with staff on all shifts.
  • Assures nursing team members are well oriented to their jobs and participate in ongoing in-service education and staff development. Fosters growth and development of leadership skills in nursing staff.
  • Collaborates with the Nurse Practitioner and Assistant Director of Nursing on quality improvement initiatives. Provides training, education, oversight monitoring and regular progress updates to the Administrator.

Minimum Qualifications

Education: Bachelor of Science degree required. Master’s degree highly preferred. Must possess and maintain a current Indiana RN license.

Experience: Eight years’ clinical experience that includes work with an elderly population, including at least three years of long-term care experience. Minimum of three years’ supervisor/management experience.

Supervision: Must have supervisory experience working with non-exempt and exempt employees.

Budgeting: Responsible for projecting, managing and monitoring department budget. Has authority to sign off on approved budget items within the department.

Hazards or Fatigue: Exposure to hazards and fatigue are present intermittently. Employee may be subject to severe strains, sprains and backaches. Is exposed to body fluids and infectious wastes.

Physical Demands: While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk and hear. This position is very active and requires standing, walking, bending, kneeling, crouching, reaching, pushing, pulling, lifting, stooping and grasping. The employee must frequently lift and/or move items over 20 pounds and occasionally exert up to 50 pounds.

Other Acknowledgements:
Sisters of the Holy Cross, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer. In order to protect the right to equal employment opportunity, this organization does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, age, sex, national origin, creed, or qualified individuals with disabilities. This document does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise, other than an “at will” employment relationship.
The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major responsibilities and duties performed on the job.  It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all of the job-related duties, responsibilities, or activities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.