Mexico, North America

Sister Esperanza Jacobo Acevedo, CSC

Congregation Justice Committee Member for Mexico

Climate Update

Most of Mexico is going through a serious drought. Water scarcity is a very big issue because of this. In addition, limited water access and elevated temperatures are negatively impacting the agriculture in our country.

In addition to all these natural situations resulting from climate change, the pollution in the main cities has increased and is causing many health concerns, including respiratory diseases. Also, the government is funding projects that are destroying natural landscapes and habitats. And there is little to no plan for restoring the ecosystems that have been negatively impacted.

Overall, environmental degradation is giving rise to many serious issues in Mexico, and every day we try to raise awareness about caring for our common home.

Current Initiatives in Mexico

Maintaining a small fruit and vegetable garden while also working as a community to recycle water and cardboard, use biodegradable products, and avoid disposables. 

Promoting Laudato Si′ with the Mary’s Garden Program. Through the initiative, sisters can share the connection between nature and spirituality with the families they encounter.  

Supporting migrant shelters by providing different projects, psychological attention for families and individuals, and spiritual direction, and by teaching children in the school and collaborating with the Children for Peace program.

Proposed Initiatives for 2022–23

Community Resilience and Empowerment

Empower the communities we serve through collaboration and sharing of resources whenever possible.

Plant a fruit and vegetable garden and encourage those we serve in ministries to do the same.

Identify challenges and address the needs faced by the most vulnerable (migrants).

Create podcasts to educate people on environmental and social issues of our time.

Recycle in our community whenever possible.

 Continue to develop and encourage ecological spirituality through the Mary’s Garden Project.

Buy local whenever possible and encourage those around us to do the same.