Bangladesh, Asia

Sister Royne Josephine Costa, CSC

Congregation Justice Committee Member for Bangladesh

Climate Update

In Bangladesh, the effects of climate change and pollution have increased greatly in recent years. The weather is changing drastically, with many more extremely hot days and the average temperature rising each year.

Not only is there more rainfall, resulting in flooding of rivers and coastal areas, but the frequency of devastating cyclones in the Bay of Bengal also has increased. Some places in the country are facing extreme flooding, which leaves many people homeless. Due to this flooding, there is now an agricultural and food crisis, too.

Additionally, national exams for students in Bangladesh have been suspended because of the horrible natural disasters we are facing. The climate crisis is impacting many aspects of our everyday lives.

Current Initiatives in Bangladesh

Organizing different activities to foster ecological awareness and sustainability efforts at the Holy Cross schools in Bangladesh, like tree planting, essay competitions, art competitions, and debate programs.

Organized and led seminars with migrants from other areas of Bangladesh, touching on a variety of topics to help empower the migrants and to raise awareness about caring for our common home.

Translated important documents on Laudato Si′ into Bengali to ensure people in the Archdiocese of Dhaka can easily understand the important information.

Proposed Initiatives for 2022–23

Response to the Cry of the Earth

Plant trees and gardens and use environmentally friendly fertilizer.

Observe Ecological Action Days: World Environment Day, Earth Day, World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, etc.

Educate and grow awareness in the students attending our institutions about the effects of climate change.

Buy and use eco-friendly items.

Organize prayer services in nature and observe days that call special attention to creation.

 Reduce food waste and use
scraps for compost.

Strengthen connections between the local parishes and our sisters.