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Community Coordinator

Resident Services


Salary: $57,000 - $69,000 Annually 

Varied Hours

Position Description

The Community Coordinator ensures that the philosophy of Person Directed Living is embodied in the work of Resident Services team members. In particular, the Community Coordinator supervises/coaches the Care Partners, as the direct supervisor to the Care Partner teams is responsible for evaluating the outcomes of their work, both individually and as a team. Together with the Care Partners and the other members of the care team, all are responsible for the overall interdisciplinary operations and quality of services provided. The Community Coordinator, along with the Nurse Coordinator, coaches, directs and monitors the quality of care and the quality of life of the Sisters. Welcomes new Sisters to the community, regularly visits with each Sister to build a relationship and requests information on the care being provided to each Sister.

The Vision of Person Directed Living

Person Directed Living (PDL) shapes and informs the ways we care for and serve the Sisters of the Holy Cross in their living communities and for one another as a team. Team members will create an environment that is life-giving, respectful, safe and clinically appropriate for Sisters, honoring the Sisters’ dignity and personhood; respectful and collaborative with each other as teammates.

PDL is intentionally integrated into both clinical care that the Sisters receive as well as assisting their engagement in daily living and the life of their local community. Team members will develop relationships with the Sisters and among themselves so they may deeply know and support everyone in the community. Robust, respectful communication (verbal and non-verbal) is the PDL standard.

As their ability dictates, Sisters are encouraged and supported in making individual choices about their daily routines and communal life through creative and thoughtful engagement by team members. PDL demands a delicate balance between the Sisters’ abilities and the team’s mandate for safety and dignity, calling upon each team member to assist Sisters with innovative solutions, and bringing joy and hope to every member of the community, Sisters and team members alike.


  • Understands, embraces and teaches the concept of Person Directed Living in building personal relationships with the Sisters along with the other members of the interdisciplinary team.
  • Takes a creative and innovative approach to problem-solving. Is a continuous learner.
  • Expresses encouragement and optimism. Builds self-esteem in others.
  • Self-aware – knowledgeable of one’s values, personality, needs, habits, emotions, strengths and weaknesses. Open to feedback. Cares deeply about the people they serve, both Sisters and other team members. Is personally flexible and adaptable in responding and meeting the needs of the Sisters and working in service with other team members.
  • Treats others as partners, encouraging their input and trusting them to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Responds to needs when they are present, i.e., provides direct care to Sisters in answering call lights, transferring, listening, etc., to assist not only the Sisters, but fellow interdisciplinary team members.

Essential Functions

  • Coordinates day-to-day supervision of Care Partners of two communities.
    • Assesses (with interdisciplinary team) the needs of each Sister and, based on each Sister’s preferences and needs, assures that quality, holistic care is provided through direct communication with Care Partners, ensuring communication between Care Partners, communication with Nurse Coordinator, and between Nurses and Care Partners.
    • Participates in interdisciplinary meetings between all shifts every day of the week on alternating shifts. Ensures and teaches Care Partners to report changes to Sisters’ conditions to the appropriate person(s).
    • Engages Sister and Care Partner participation in meaningful activities of their choice, e.g., ministry, current events, music, prayer, art, games, service projects, exercise, interaction with family and friends, etc.
    • With the interdisciplinary team, participates in the coordinated moving of Sisters to and from the community.
    • Works collaboratively with the interdisciplinary clinical team, Superior of Saint Mary’s Convent, the Area Coordinator and other Community Coordinators.
  • Supervises staff and assures ongoing staff development.  
    • Interviews and makes consensus recommendations with Assistant Director of Nursing for hiring prospective Care Partner team members.
    • As part of an interdisciplinary team responsible for orientation, assures the thorough and effective orientation of new Care Partners in conjunction with the Education Coordinator.
    • Provides key leadership and education in the training for Person Directed Living.
    • Directs Care Partner work teams by daily, regular contact with Care Partners and regular presence in each community. Coaches and serves as a mentor to Care Partners in problem-solving and promotes independent thinking. Reviews and coaches work team’s decision-making process and provides examples of effective approaches to decision-making. 
    • Actively participates in the growth and development of Care Partners through educational sessions, regular staff meetings and daily in-person supervision.
    • Promotes collaboration and teamwork among Care Partners teams and clinical staff in all aspects of care.
    • Observes and coaches the relationship between Care Partners and the members of the clinical team to develop relationships and to address the needs of the whole person—spiritual, emotional and physical.
    • Recognizes and rewards positive staff behaviors. Addresses inappropriate behaviors immediately. Provides appropriate corrective action.
    • Receives feedback from clinical staff on Care Partner performance and coaches Care Partners in the moment. 
    • Maintains performance documentation and conducts annual performance reviews on a timely basis. Receives and includes input from clinical staff in completing Care Partner performance reviews.
    • Provides coaching and education to Care Partners on a variety of topics.
    • Provides education to Care Partners on materials management and appropriate use of supplies.
    • In collaboration with Nurse Coordinators, ensures safety training for Care Partners and Sisters, and directs periodic safety drills. Acts as secondary Floor Evacuation Coordinator.
    • Makes regular in-person rounds on their assigned floor inclusive of all shifts, interacting with Care Partners, Sisters and Nursing staff.
    • Creates, ensures and monitors use of care plans and care journals (communication tools focusing on Sisters’ needs and task lists) for use by Care Partners.
  • Sister Interaction
    • Is knowledgeable about the Sisters served. Through personal interaction with Sisters, develops relationships to know Sisters’ backgrounds, likes and dislikes, interests and social needs.
    • Engages in and encourages Sisters in meaningful activities of their choice, e.g., ministry, current events, music, prayer, art, games, service projects, exercise, etc.
    • Coordinates the interdisciplinary team in the development of a personal Care Plan for each Sister and keeps it current. Updates Care Plan at least two times per year.
  • Monitors, in collaboration with Nursing leadership, the Care Partner staffing.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in recognizing and participating in 24-hour staffing if need occurs.
  • Understands and complies with HR policies and procedures developed by Sisters of the Holy Cross.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications


Bachelor’s degree, RN preferred from an accredited school of nursing required, master’s degree preferred (social work, nursing). 


Two years of supervisory/management experience preferred, two years’ experience working with older adults in a social service/health care setting required.


Responsible for supervision of Care Partners, participating in interdisciplinary communication and decision-making; planning for staffing and performance management.

Budget Responsibility: 

Responsible for overseeing expenditures. Has authority to sign off on approved budget items for the community of Sisters served.

Working Environment:

Operates in a residential setting. Role requires daily walking to various locations around the convents. Role routinely comes into contact with Sisters who may have contagious illnesses.

Equipment Utilization: 

Work requires practical knowledge of office equipment. Internet research skills are required. Computer software skills required and familiarity with MS Word and Outlook, and have the capacity to learn new programs as necessary.

Physical Demands:

Regularly required to talk and hear. This position is very active and may require standing, walking, bending, kneeling, crouching, reaching, pushing, pulling, lifting, stooping, and grasping throughout the day. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move items over 20 pounds and occasionally exert up to 50 pounds.

Hazards or Fatigue:

Exposure to hazards and fatigue are present intermittently. Incumbent may be exposed to bodily fluids and wastes intermittently.

Other Acknowledgements:
Sisters of the Holy Cross, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer. In order to protect the right to equal employment opportunity, this organization does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, age, sex, national origin, creed, or qualified individuals with disabilities. This document does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise, other than an “at will” employment relationship.
The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major responsibilities and duties performed on the job.  It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all of the job-related duties, responsibilities, or activities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.