2019 General Chapter

Transforming love — for the life of the world

This May, the Sisters of the Holy Cross will hold their Twenty-sixth General Chapter in Shillong, India. The Chapter, convened every five years, has two main objectives. The first is to articulate a direction that reflects how God is calling the Congregation to live and serve at this time in history; the second is to elect the General Leadership Team members who will be facilitating the Congregation’s implementation of that direction.

Since 2017 the sisters have been surfacing, exploring and refining a variety of issues—including nonviolence and advocacy for justice, intercultural living and governance—in preparation for the Chapter. Earlier this year, sisters from around the world were elected to serve as delegates to the Chapter.

In these final weeks of preparation and during the 2019 General Chapter, you are invited to hold the Sisters of the Holy Cross in prayer as we move with the Holy Spirit into the newness to which we are being called.

Prayer for General Chapter 2019

Choose a time each day to open your heart to the Spirit’s inspiration. Sit quietly, breathing in God’s peace and the world’s reality. Allow yourself to be embraced in God’s Transforming Love. Listen for the steady heartbeat of Love which enlivens all creation. Discern God’s prophetic message for the Congregation and for the life of the world at this graced time of General Chapter. Close your time of prayer imploring this grace:

O Transforming Love, 
touch our hearts until they beat as one 
with your life-giving rhythms,
lamenting and prophesying, mending and healing,
welcoming and embracing, dancing and rejoicing,
until all creation teems with the grace of your love. 

Transform us, O Beloved,
so that like Mary, our Mother,
we may stand compassionately at the 
foot of every cross of suffering,
invite miracles that turn scarcity to abundance 
at every joy-filled feast, 
and wait with expectant hope for the rushing winds of your Pentecost Spirit
with those whose hearts are frightened.

Transform us, O Beloved,
to be love for the life of the world. AMEN