Catholic sisters urge U.S. presidential candidates to engage in civil discourse

More than 5,650 Catholic sisters signed a letter asking the United States (U.S.) presidential candidates “to engage in political dialogue that reflects the principles and values upon which this nation was founded,” according to a media release from the Leadership Conference of Women
Religious (LCWR).

Written by LCWR, the letter asks that the candidates refrain from rhetoric that stokes the fires of fear and engage in constructive dialogue during the U.S. campaign season. Copies of the letter will be delivered to presidential candidates Secretary Hillary Clinton, Mr. Donald Trump, Governor Gary Johnson, Dr. Jill Stein, their running mates and party chairs on August 8.

“Unfortunately, it seems in this particular political season commitment to political discourse that preserves the dignity of the human person and promotes the common good is in short supply,” said Sister Joan Marie Steadman, executive director of LCWR. “This is why LCWR is calling for civility in our discourse and decency in our political interaction.”

Read the letter on the LCWRs website.