A Bus for the Sisters

The retired sisters at Saint Mary’s long for new adventures. After three years of a difficult pandemic, the sisters yearn to get out as a group and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. More than that, the sisters have never had a vehicle that allowed large groups to go out on outings and to events that can help keep their minds sharp and their bodies moving. Now that they are retired and still enjoying good health, the sisters long to embrace the companionship and solidarity of their sunset years together with communal excursions.

So we ask for your help in obtaining a transport bus that can ferry the sisters around the area.

Where will they go?

As a community, they will be able to come together to take rides around town or through the countryside … seeing festive Christmas lights, praising the glory of autumn’s colors, delighting in the blooms of spring!

They will visit museums, lectures and performances. Maybe enjoy a South Bend Cubs baseball game!

They might plan excursions to our county parks or local conservatory. And if there’s an ice cream shop along the way, well, they just might have to stop there for a scoop or two!

And because the proposed vehicle will allow for wheelchairs, sisters of all mobility levels will be able to join in on the outings!

All of us have experienced the restrictions in mobility the pandemic placed upon everyone. The retired sisters have had to be even more cautious, given that they live in a residential setting. 

Help us get the wheels rolling!

The final price for a bus with the custom seating needed for the sisters is estimated at $150,000.
But GOOD NEWS! Thanks to a few generous donors, we are starting our appeal with $47,000 raised for the bus.
We are already 31% of the way there!

Please know that every gift counts.