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10th anniversary of Moreau’s beatification celebrated in Dhaka

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Holy Cross priests, brothers and sisters from the Dhaka, Bangladesh, region processed with students from Holy Cross educational institutions during a celebration marking the 10th <yoastmark class=

by Sisters Jui Clara Corraya, CSC, and Gidding Simsang, CSC

Holy Cross priests, brothers and sisters of the Dhaka, Bangladesh, region gathered together October 6 at Moreau House in Dhaka to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the beatification of the congregation’s founder, Father Basil Anthony Moreau. The celebration centered on the theme “Zeal Sets Our Hearts on Fire.” Along with the major superiors of the three congregations of Holy Cross, more than 250 people gathered for the program. The event also included the students of Holy Cross educational institutions of Dhaka and Holy Cross formees of seven of the formation houses of priests, brothers and sisters.

The anniversary program included an opening prayer, lighting of candles, the releasing of balloons, a procession with Blessed Basil Moreau’s relics, adoration, speeches of the major superiors, sharing experiences of Father Moreau, the beatification ceremony, a presentation on the International Session in Holy Cross Spirituality program in France, a video on the Holy Cross heritage, and the eucharistic celebration.

Cardinal Patrick D’ Rozario, CSC, of Dhaka, was the main celebrant of the eucharistic celebration. His utmost desire was to see unity among the members of the congregation, which Moreau always insisted for us.

The provincial of St. Joseph Province, Brother Subal Lawrence Rozario, CSC, urged everyone to foster unity, equality and equity among the congregation. This was the great desire of Father Moreau when the congregation was established after the French Revolution.

Area of Asia coordinator, Sister Pushpa Teresa Gomes, CSC, inspired all to be people of hope, fidelity and unity.

We invite all to pray for the canonization of Father Moreau and offer the Moreau Prayer.