Integral ecology:

The idea that “everything is connected” (LS 91; 240) is inherent in the guiding principle of [Laudato Si’]: that of an integral ecology, understood as a complex and multidimensional reality calling for long- term vision. Integral ecology is not just about the environment; it involves an integral vision of life that can inspire better policies, indicators, research and development processes and criteria for evaluation, while avoiding distorted concepts of development and growth. … By proposing an integral ecology, the Pope wishes to point to a new vision of the world. A vision that intends to offer a comprehensive framework for understanding and responding to today’s great challenges, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the other environmental, human and socio-economic challenges of our time.

Journeying Toward Care for Our Common Home,” Interdicasterial Working Group of the Holy See on Integral Ecology, 2020