Sisters of the Holy Cross 
The congregation rejoices during a celebration held at an Area of South America assembly.

Live the life of a religious

Each congregation was created to respond to a real need in the church and world. Each order, or community, has a distinctive “charism,” a heritage of special gifts and vision of the founder, and a combination of individual and communal gifts and ways of living the life of a religious.

As Sisters of the Holy Cross we are called to respond to evolving needs. Over the years this has taken various forms — education; health care; women’s development; justice stands related to the poor, the imprisoned and the environment; and other ministries as the needs of the world continue to emerge.

There is a special richness and challenge of being part of an international congregation which grows in valuing the diversity of its members’ different cultures while living one common mission. Each Sister of the Holy Cross finds unique ways of responding to Jesus’ love and mission.

Look around. What unmet needs do you see in today’s world?
What skills and gifts do you think are needed to respond?
Do you feel you have some of these skills and gifts?

If you think you might have a call to the religious life or want to know more about the Sisters of the Holy Cross, please contact us.

Also see About Us to learn more about our mission and the direction to which we are committing ourselves today.


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