Statue of Blessed Father Basil Anthony Moreau 

Moreau Remembrance Garden

Located adjacent to the Church of Our Lady of Loretto on Saint Mary’s campus, the Moreau Remembrance Garden is a sacred space, interweaving nature, memory and spirituality.

The garden overlooks the St. Joseph River and is designed with native vegetation and meandering paths to exist in harmony with the beauty of the church and the charm of the campus. It provides a landscape where textures, colors and sounds are creatively balanced.

If you are a gardener, or someone who simply appreciates the natural beauty and serenity of a well-tended garden, then you have experienced the restorative power that green spaces have on one’s spirit.

Take a meditative stroll along the lovely walkway where a statue of Father Moreau presides over the floral landscaping. The four-foot tall statue is a gift from the Colégio Santa Maria in São Paulo in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Holy Cross in Brazil.

Also occupying a very special space in the garden is the Book of Remembrance, in which the names of cherished donors and their honored loved ones are engraved. The names are updated at least once a year, and everyone named in the book is remembered daily in the prayers of our sisters.

Be sure to tour the garden on your next visit to Saint Mary’s. Visitors are always welcome.

Moreau Remembrance Garden

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