Sister Shiuli Gomes accepts a candle during a prayer service. 

Immersed in the Word of God

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross has its origins in the Marianites of Holy Cross, founded in 1841 by Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau. From the beginning, congregational spirituality has been marked by a variety of influences: the liturgical life of the Benedictines, the spiritual discipline of the Jesuits, the attention to one’s interior life of the Sulpicians. Father Moreau’s spirituality was shaped by the events, needs and aspirations of post-revolutionary France. Today, our spirituality continues to be immersed in world reality and in the word of God.

Seeking interconnectedness

In a world marked by individualism and lack of mutuality, we strive to be family, inclusive in our prayer, our communities and our actions. Father Moreau asked us to be a “community of friends.” Today we seek interconnectedness as God’s design for all creation and mutuality in our use of power in solidarity with all, working to create communities of justice and love. Interdependence marks our relationships with each other and within our ministries. Hospitality compels us toward openness to difference.

Maintaining a stance of nonviolence

In a global reality marked by the pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of suffering, we strive to maintain a stance of nonviolence, remembering the providence of our God who endured the cross and maintained hope. Compassion compels us to stand with others in their suffering that together we may experience God’s liberating and healing presence.

Reverencing the earth

In the face of an increasingly global economy that promotes consumerism, we strive to live with a sense of universal responsibility, identifying ourselves with the whole earth community. Simplicity compels us to make choices that promote sustainable use of the goods and resources of earth.

Walking the path of justice

In a world and a church too often marked by abuse of power and infidelity, we strive to become a discipleship of equals, sharing our giftedness, working with fidelity and zeal to welcome the reign of God in our church and society. Our awareness of sin and its consequences in the world call us to examine our own lives to see to what depth we have assimilated the Gospel message. Our life compels us to walk the path of justice.

In a global reality marked by dualities, we strive to live and worship in such a way that our prayer and our actions praise God, reverence the earth, contribute to beauty around us and embody, as Father Moreau said, “that union which moves, directs and sanctifies the world.”

“Spirituality is how we stand before God in the context of our everyday lives.”
~Philip Sheldrake

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