Sister Noyli Margot Rios Manzo shows how to grow your own vegetables. 
Lima, Peru, Family Catechesis Program provides all members of the family as to better their lives and work together.  Sister Noyli Margot Rios Manzo shows how to grow your own vegetables.

Ministry in Peru

CSC Fund/Ministry With the Poor grant recipients for

Workshops on the Value of Women
Lima, Peru
          Sister Esperanza (Sullca Clemente) received funds for workshops and counseling for women to empower and develop capacities in order to better assume an active role in the family, parish, neighborhood and society.

San Pedro de Lurigancho Prison
Lima, Peru
          Sister Lilma Calsin Collazos received funds to provide medical care and supplies for prisoners, as well as transportation and food for volunteers. Read more.

Pastoral Reading of the Bible
Lima, Peru
          Sister Mary Josephine Delany received funds for travel, room and board expenses and instructors to teach an ongoing intensive course that prepares lay people to study the Bible.

Family Catechesis
Lima, Peru
          Sister Noylí Ríos Manzo received funds to provide materials, workshops, transportation for a cathechetical program for families which will also promote non-violence.


Learn more about the Ministry With the Poor fund.

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