Sister Anita Gomes assists students. 
Sister Anita Gomes, right, assists students at the Kulaura (Pratasha) Sewing Center.

Ministry in Bangladesh

Sisters of the Holy Cross sponsored ministries:

Holy Cross College
Dhaka, Bangladesh
          Among the most highly rated schools in Bangladesh, Holy Cross College is a two-year (levels 11 and 12) program for women that offers humanities, science and business education. Upon completing the program and passing the national examination, students may be admitted to university. Sister Shikha Laetitia Gomes is principal. View the Holy Cross College website.

Holy Cross Girls’ High School
Dhaka, Bangladesh
          This primary/secondary school for girls has an enrollment of approximately 1,800 students. In addition, it offers an afternoon program for students unable to pay. The school is among the most highly rated in Bangladesh. Sister Rani Catherine Gomes is the school’s headmistress.

Holy Cross Students' Hostel
Dhaka, Bangladesh
          The hostel provides structured housing and common living for young women attending college and higher education in Dhaka. The facility can accommodate approximately 40 women and is staffed by sisters. Sister Monju Corraya is the director.

Holy Cross Health Education Center
Kulaura, Bangladesh
          The center provides basic health education and dispenses needed medication to people living in the general vicinity of the center. Sister Thecla Dinila Nokrek is director of the program.

Kulaura (Pratasha) Sewing Center
Kulaura, Bangladesh
          This program teaches women to sew items that are sold to commercial markets, thus bringing income into the home. Sister Anita Gomes is director of the ministry.

Bhadun (Arunalaya) Sewing Center
Bhadun, Bangadesh
          The center teaches sewing and machine embroidery to women to provide them with a source of income. Sister Dipali Helena D'Costa is director of the program.

CSC Fund/Ministry With the Poor grant recipients
for 2013-2014:

Archbishop Theotonious Amal Gunguly Teachers' Training College
Dhaka, Bangladesh
          Sister Molli Gertrude Costa received funding to provide teaching aids, books and seminars at the Catholic teachers' training college.

Jalchatra Sewing Center
Jalchatra, Modhupur, Tangail, Bangladesh
          Sister Joyce Rozario received funding to purchase sewing materials and provide maintenance for the sewing center which teaches poor women skills in tailoring and embroidery.

Corpus Christi High School
Jalchatra, Modhupur, Tangail, Bangladesh
          Sister Mary Renu Samaddar received funding to purchase materials to make new furniture, especially benches, for the school.

Saint John's Catholic Church: Financial Responsibility Program
Khagrachari Hill Tracks, Bangladesh
          Sister Bernadette Shilpi Rebeiro received funding to teach selected poor families to become self-sufficient by giving them a pig to raise, sell and use the proceeds to start the cycle again.

New School in Rural Area
Village Kuthipara, Dharmadash, Bangladesh
          Sister Hashi Margaret Pereira received funding to provide salaries, furniture, teaching materials and supplies for new school.

Kulaura (Pratasha) Sewing Center
Kulaura, Bangladesh
          Sister Anita Gomes received funding to provide sewing materials, salaries, food, transportation and utilities at center that trains poor women so they can help support their families.

Holy Cross Health Education Centre
Lokhipur Mission, Kulaura, Moulovi Bazaar, Bangladesh
          Sister Thecla Dinila Nokrek received funding to provide health classes, medicine and salaries at clinic in remote rural area.

Brother Andre High School
Sonapur, Noakhali, Bangladesh
          Sister Agnes Rozario received funding for a computer lab and to purchase a projector for the school.


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To read more about the sisters’ educational ministry in Bangladesh, see Holy Cross College and High School, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Rural Schools and Cooperative Programs. 

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