Saint Mary's Academy, Society of the Holy Angels 

Working for Justice and Systemic Change

From their earliest days in 1842 up to the present, the Sisters of the Holy Cross have responded to the injustices of the times through their ministries. Whether it was the education of girls and young women, the foundation of a healthcare system, or the establishment of ministries outside of the United States, the members of the congregation have always stood in solidarity with God’s suffering people.

After the 1984 General Chapter, this response to injustice was expanded. The “social service” response was complemented with a “systemic” response. A Congregation Justice Committee (CJC) was formed to help the members of the congregation understand and address issues systemically and from a global perspective. Through its research and work on social justice issues, the committee has discovered that:

  • All forms of oppression and injustice are interconnected and mutually reinforcing.
  • Injustice is rooted in the misuse and abuse of power – the domination of one group by another, and human domination of the earth and non-human life forms.
  • Oppression is “gendered” – women are affected differently and usually more severely by poverty and injustice than men.
  • Resources are increasingly concentrated in the hands of an elite few; absolute poverty is deepening and the gap between the rich and poor is widening.

Sisters of the Holy Cross: A timeline of our work for justice and systemic change

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