Support the Moreau Primary School in Kirinda, Uganda

In 2008, Moreau Primary School in Kirinda, Uganda, began as a pilot project of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in response to the requests of the parents. Kirinda is located in a rural district of western Uganda where education has not always been a government priority. The school started with 29 children and now has 364 children enrolled. Our sisters believe that dependency on God is important, so prayer is the center of all the activities of the school. Educating the body, mind and soul is the sisters’ mission.

The families make many sacrifices to send their children to Moreau Primary School. Many can’t really afford the tuition fees or uniforms, but the parents know and believe that sending their children will give them a good education for the future and better prepare them to be leaders of their country.

Donate Now to support Moreau Primary School. Tuition for one student for a whole year is only $150. Uniforms for one student for one year are $30.

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